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Why to say to want to choose aluminium alloy glass door?

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Why to say to want to choose aluminium alloy glass door?

Aluminium alloy glass door is in a lot of home outfit garage door in the body that is beautiful follow vogue, when you choose garage door, consider aluminium alloy glass garage door above all, can make your home safer certainly more special, introduce why to need to choose aluminium alloy glass garage door from 5 angles below?

1. Aluminium materials

Aluminum materials used for good aluminum tempered glass door , the surface smooth and shiny, no aluminum, burrs, etc., its strength, thickness (≥ 1.4mm), and oxide film (≥ 10 microns) must meet the national standard. Small windows and doors manufacturers are quite a mixed bag in the market structure, there are many "thin material" shoddy, Master use brand materials, and through quality testing, professional processing and antioxidant treatment, so that you can trust us more.

2. Glass

Compared to ordinary glass, Master suggest that tempered glass is clearly a better choice. Strong impact resistance, not easy to break, even breakage can be broken in the form of no sharp angle particles, greatly reducing human injury. At the same time, it has good thermal stability, and the sound insulation effect of the tempered hollow glass is better,So in the use of glass above or will use tempered glass or aluminum plastic plate, especially in the aluminum alloy mirror glass door material above the use of glass is through special processing.

3. Hardware

Hinges, door handles, locks, pulleys and other hardware accessories quality is good or bad, is to ensure the life of aluminum alloy door key. The use of stainless steel hardware, bright color, no rust, scratches and other phenomena, the most important is to choose a reliable brand of hardware, large brands of hardware and profiles will be engraved with the brand LOGO.

4. Process

Good aluminum alloy doors and aluminum profile glass window products, fine processing, tangential smooth, precise angle, in the splicing process will not appear obvious gaps, sealing performance, switch smoothly. If the processing is not qualified, appear sealing problem, not only leakage of wind and leakage of rain, but also in strong winds and under the action of external force, the glass is easy to appear crack, fall off phenomenon.

5. Auxiliary accessories

Seal and wool tops, is to ensure that aluminum alloy door especially important parts in hollow door. The sealing strip must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, and the size of the section should be matched with the aluminum door profile. Wool tops need sealing performance, good waterproof performance, dense dustproof.

See above 5 points, everybody is deepened to the understanding degree of aluminium alloy vitreous door again, believe to also have certain design plan to the garage door of his home in your heart.And master needs to do is to let each customer have a different, more secure home!Decades of wind and rain precipitation, decades of service life, let you more comfortable.

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