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What is the sectional garage door?

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What is the sectional garage door?

What is the sectional garage door?


Nowadays, sectional garage door is becoming more and more popular, but what is sectional garage door? The sectional garage door is mainly composed of three parts: garage door panel, garage door hardware and garage door motor.

Sectional garage door is opened vertically upward and then tiled under the ceiling to save space. This also means that you can make full use of the valuable space inside and outside the garage. In addition, the sectional garage door is suitable for a variety of opening forms, and provides you with large passage width and good sealing. According to different designs, Master Well can also provide steel insulated garage door and aluminum glass garage door, industrial door, etc. To meet your different needs.

The principle and structure of the sectional garage door:the garage door panel is sandwich construction: galvanized steel—foaming—galvanized steel, and the surface is pressed into the popular three-dimensional square pattern and strip reinforcement in Europe and America. The surface adopts the electrostatic pure polyester spraying process, and the middle is filled with foamed polyurethane, which has the characteristics of firmness, heat preservation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

The high-strength nylon garage door roller to drive the door body to open and close in garage door track to ensure smooth operation and low noise. Long life torsion spring cones is used to balance the weight of door panel and reduce the load of door opener. Whether remote control, electric or manual, the door body lifting is easy and flexible. Wireless remote control can be controlled in all directions, with the characteristics of long effective distance, random password setting and low bit repetition rate; Equipped with manual opening device, it is more convenient to use. Garage door Safety protection function: the door panel will automatically stop in case of obstacles when going up, and automatically reverse in case of obstacles when going down, so as to ensure the safety of your family and vehicle.


Door panels are available in a variety of colors and sizes, which can be customized for your garage. Door panel structure: the extruded imitation wood grain relief surface adopts high-voltage electrostatic powder spraying process, showing beautiful powder spraying texture and strong relief effect, which not only increases the strength, but also has a more beautiful and generous appearance. Polyaniline amine ester foam is injected into the inter layer, which increases the effect of thermal insulation. Stiffeners are arranged in the middle of the door panel to form a high-strength door body. The elegant appearance is harmonious with various environmental colors, and makes the light inside the garage bright and soft. A sealant strip is set at the bottom of the door, which can effectively resist the invasion of wind, sand and rain. The thickness of door panel is 40mm and 50mm.

I hope you can find a suitable sectional garage door in Master Well.

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