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What type of garage door is best?

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What type of garage door is best?

Now in life, every family needs a garage door, the first is to facilitate their vehicle access, second in the aesthetic, also have a certain demand.What kind of garage door is the best?Can you judge from the characteristics of the garage door what is the best.

Let's start with Master Well's garage door features:

1.Garage door drive device - the most advanced garage door drive device, it is an integral design, not only can effectively ensure stable and reliable operation, installation is also simple.

2.Noiseless operation -- the design of automatic garage door follows the principle of quiet and stable operation by reducing noise.Such as the use of low-voltage dc motor, to overcome the ac motor noise and shake phenomenon, the use of aluminum guide, precision roller and so on to ensure that the driver's super quiet and smooth and reliable operation.

3.Automatic control -- adopting digital control technology instead of analog control technology, the control system can enhance its anti-interference ability and reliability.Use the encrypted remote control can be safe, easy, all-weather control in the range of not less than 40 meters.

4. Automatic protection -- safety protection is fully considered in the design, so there is no need to worry about personal safety.About the trip encounter obstacles when the door automatically reverse operation, open the trip encounter obstacles when the door automatically stop.

5.Various specifications -- height lifting, vertical lifting, standard lifting, slope lifting, medium mounted high lifting, medium mounted vertical lifting.A variety of lifting ways to meet your home a variety of door head size.

6.Appearance is showily -- door body colour is downy, beautiful and easy, each door body all can open a window to design, the surface also can choose to press 1/3 stem or press grid, can apply to the name type building from tradition to modern accordingly.

7.Durable - high material door body and strong frame design so that you do not worry about your garage door easy to be damaged, the special treatment of Many times coating door body will not be due to environmental factors and erosion and damage, flame retardant, sound insulation.

8.Stable operation -- the special bottom seal design makes the door body run more balanced and has good sealing performance (sand-proof).

9.Good insulation performance -- filling the middle of galvanized steel sheet with foam can effectively meet the requirements of indoor insulation performance.

10.Specification  -- door body width and height can reach 8 meters and 6 meters respectively, if have special specification, can make to order.


Do you have any idea what kind of garage door your home should choose from knowing about the master electric garage door?It must be considered in terms of aesthetics, durability, silence, insulation, etc.May you find the best garage door for your family. If you need our help, please contact us.We hope we can provide you with professional help in selecting garage doors.

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