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What Kind Of Garage Door Is More Popular At Present?

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What Kind Of Garage Door Is More Popular At Present?

What Kind Of Garage Door Is More Popular At Present—— Aluminum Glass Garage Door

Sectional garage door has a variety of now, different family can buy the garage door that suits him according to his demand, for example: foaming steel garage door, aluminium glass garage door. Aluminum glass garage door as the new research and development of the garage door, is a new fashion family choice, is more popular at present.

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What is aluminum glass garage door?

Aluminum glass garage door is a door to a garage, which can be opened manually or electrically. The material of aluminum glass garage door is PC board, tempered glass, aluminum plastic board and mirror glass, can be insulated and noise insulated. The garage door is large enough to accommodate cars and other vehicles. Aluminum glass garage door usually consist of several connected panels, which can be turned up on the ceiling by a torsion spring balance system and tracks.


How can I choose a garage door I want?

Aluminum glass garage door type: AF4050(finger-protection),

                                                                 AN5081US(no-finger protection)

   AN5005ZA(no-finger protection)

Aluminum glass garage door color: white, black, brown, yellow, etc. 

Aluminum glass garage door thickness: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm.

Aluminum glass garage door frame: frame or frameless.

Aluminum glass garage door effects: clear, frosted.

Aluminum glass garage door material: 

(1) AF4050: 3mm PC board, 4mm PC board, 4/5mm tempered glass, 5mm monochrome screen printing glass, 3+0.2mm/3+0.3mm/4+0.3mm aluminum plastic board .


(2) AN5081US: 3mm PC board, 4mm PC board, 4/5/8mm tempered glass, 3+3mm silk glass, 4+4mm laminated glass, 4+6+4mm insulating glass, 5mm monochrome screen printing glass, 3+0.2mm/3+0.3mm/4+0.3mm aluminum plastic board.


(3) AN5005ZA: 5mm mirror glass, 5mm monochrome screen printing glass, 3/4+0.3mm aluminum plastic board.



If you are struggling to choose a garage door, welcome to browse our various aluminum glass garage doors, hope to help you.


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