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What is the construction of high speed spiral door?

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What is the construction of high speed spiral door?

The high speed spiral door offers high-speed operation for high-traffic situations and rigid aluminum slat construction to eliminate the need for a second security door. Crisp lines give the Spiral door a look suitable for many types of applications. It consists of the following parts:

Curtain mechanism: The control system is divided into several parts: 

aluminum alloy curtain, soft joint rubber strip, load-bearing rubber chain and guide wheel.

1. The thickness of aluminum alloy curtain is 40-50 mm, the surface is anodized and organic colored. There are white, silver, gray, blue and other customized options to choose from.

2. After the aluminum joint curtain, sections are connected by the soft connecting strip, the soft joint portion has a folding life of more than one million times;

3. The angle chain load-bearing design makes the curtain joints unstressed, and  the curtain panels are invariant, with the required flatness maintained after a long time;

4. When the door is running, it slides in the aluminum alloy track through the guide wheel which is made of polyurethane. No friction or noise will occur during the maximum speed operation.

Drive motor system: 

consists of the motor brake and motors with reducers. Most of the high speed spiral doors use the brake geared motors, to meet the high speed door requirement of fast braking and low noise.

Control system: 

The most commonly used control unit is an integrated circuit board consisting of PLC/inverter/encoder or with its own IPM module. Most of the control systems used by the manufacturers are PLC/inverter/encoder. Master Well selected imported brands such as Mitsubishi and Siemens.

Security system:

1. Infrared safety protection electric eye: There are opposite radio eyes on both sides of the door frame, with objects under the rapid door to keep the door open. When the door body descends, while an object passing under it, the door body will open to the opening limit position, then delay the closing after clear.

2. Bottom safety protection Sensor: When the door body is falling, and the object is in the blind area of infrared safety protection, the door body will sense pressure under the obstacle, and the door body will rebound to opening limit position,  protecting  the object or pedestrian below the effective policyholder from unexpected accidents.

Lifting mechanism:

The stainless steel or aluminum alloy guides the load-bearing track to ensure that the curtain has no dry sound when running at high speed, and the curtain inside tracks are not rubbed.

Generally speaking, Master Well High Speed Aluminum Spiral Door is the globally unique result under innovation and creative approach to the latest technology. The high speed spiral door features no metal-to-metal contact for reduced wear on the door panel and fast, quiet operation. Opening speeds from 0.8m to 2.0m per second allow for improved traffic flow and enhanced customer perception. Counterbalance system, patented spiral design and AC drive reduce normal wear, also increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance.

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