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Master Well Enterprise Limited specializes in Automatic Doors & Windows. Relying on our excellent business performance and R&D, we have enjoyed a globally recognized reputation in successfully providing quality products at competitive price and professional technical service to a wide range of clients worldwide.


  • [Product News] What is the specification for High Speed PVC Roll up Doors?

    Master High Speed PVC Roll up Door is provided with a lot of functions, such as heat insulation, pest control, anti-dust, anti-noise, anti- fire, and anti-odor etc., which explains why the door is widely used in industries of food, chemical, textile, electronic, freezing, printing, supermarkets, pre

  • [Product News] What is the Appearance of High Speed PVC Roll Up Doors?

    High Speed Roll-up PVC Door are made from durable polyester PVC sheet with visible panels to provide a view of areas on the opposite side of the doors. High speed PVC Roll-Up Doors are one of the most cost-effective solutions for temperature control and environmental separation in warehouse and manufacturing environments. High speed PVC Roll-Up Doors is the perfect alternative of high performance industrial doors, which have the features and benefits at just a fraction of the cost.

  • [Product News] Why did you choose the high speed door?

    High-speed doors are widely used in automobile dealers, food processing plants and semiconductor manufacturing plants.Their unique construction and operation enable them to meet the specific needs of customers.Reduced Loss of Heating and CoolingThere are four main features to improving energy effic

  • [Product News] Which areas are high-speed doors usually used in?

    High speed doors have been popular in many countries for many years. Especially for production-oriented enterprises, there must be a high speed door between the workshop and the workshop. It is suitable for food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical, automotive, textile, logistics and other field

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