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Master Well Enterprise Limited specializes in Automatic Doors & Windows. Relying on our excellent business performance and R&D, we have enjoyed a globally recognized reputation in successfully providing quality products at competitive price and professional technical service to a wide range of clients worldwide.


  • [Product News] Does high speed spiral door fit for home?

    Aluminum alloy high speed spiral doors (https://www.masterwellhk.com/Exterior-High-Speed-Factory-Anti-Wind-Aluminum-Alloy-Hard-Fast-Rolling-Doors-pd43146566.html) give people a comfortable fluency, a good decoration of the environment used. As a new branch of roller shutter doors, the use of hard fa

  • [Product News] What is the Features of High Speed Spiral Door?

    Hard fast door (https://www.masterwellhk.com/Airtight-Garage-Security-Aluminum-Spiral-High-Speed-Hard-Fast-Roll-Up-Doors-pd45132066.html) is also known as rapid rolling doors, high-speed doors, the rolling door, is one kind of industrial door controlled by PLC, inverter, encoder to achieve fast lift

  • [Product News] The specification of high speed spiral doors

    High Speed Spiral Door is designed for the rapid flow of materials (to shorten the time of entry and exit). The greatest advantage of the high speed aluminum spiral door is the quick isolation ability from inside and outside, which ensures the air quality and working temperature of the workshop, in

  • [Product News] Different Opening Type of Hard Fast Doors?

    The parts of Hard Fast DoorsThe hard fast door is mainly composed of track, door panel and drive system. That is to say, the structure of the hard fast door has been modularized, and basically, the components have been assembled before leaving factory, and three modular parts are formed, which can b

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