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Do you think glass garage doors are safe?

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Do you think glass garage doors are safe?

We are seeing more and more new houses with modern architecture. In addition to this style of home decor, we’ve also seen the emergence of all-glass garage doors commonly used in bars and restaurants. We are also seeing more and more architects and designers who want to maximize the opening of windows and courtyard doors to allow as much sunlight as possible from the outdoor space into the house. But are they safe?

Check on the available types of glass garage door

If you choose an all glass garage door, make sure the windows are made of tempered glass. Once tempered glass is broken, it will break into thousands of pieces like automobile glass. On the other hand, standard glass may break into pieces, which may put you at risk of serious injury.

A double pane window can only be tempered on one side and the other will be located inside the door. For example, if you accidentally hit a door with a ladder, the door is open, and only the glass inside will break into pieces.


What else should you check of glass garage door?

Check the structure of the door itself. This type of door is made of extruded aluminum and is about an inch thick. It is important to choose a door that is squeezed at least 6 inches wide. If you choose a double-glazed door, it’s also important to note the total weight.

You also need to make sure your hardware can hold the weight of your door and is structurally strong.

Finally, if your setup, whether it’s a garage or a shaded outdoor space, has a cathedral ceiling, the track system can move along the same path and be hidden. Although the ceiling is pitched, you can even electrify the garage door. In this case, the door opener will be equipped with two automatic reversing systems to improve safety.

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