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What is garage door made of?

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What is garage door made of?

There are many kinds of garage doors. According to different materials, they are used in different occasions. Let's introduce the garage doors of different materials. What are the main ones? Please see the below:


Aluminum Garage Door

The aluminum overhead doors are light, which makes your garage door openers easier to lift, but they are more expensive than steel and more prone to dents. However, aluminum has a great advantage, it does not rust, so it can last for a long time, can withstand corrosive environments, such as coastal climate, and provide better insulation than steel. Although it may be more expensive than steel at first, you can save less maintenance costs.


Fiberglass Garage Door

The fiberglass garage door is light, stylish and has poor insulation. They are more commonly used in coastal areas and warmer climates because they are resistant to salt water corrosion and do not respond well to colder temperatures. So if you live in a sunny place near the ocean, fiberglass is the perfect material for your new garage door. Keep in mind that although the materials are inexpensive and the maintenance costs are low. Tempered glass, frosted glass, insulation glass and plexiglass are the ideal choice for fiberglass garage doors.


Steel Garage Door

Steel is the most popular material for garage doors. Affordable and low maintenance costs. Steel can be painted and painted, and you can paint any color you want.


Two features that are especially worth considering when buying a steel garage door. First, steel is a poor insulator, so insulated doors are a smart choice for saving energy and reducing noise.


Secondly, the thickness of the steel plate of the garage door is different. Low cost doors are available in size 27 or 28 steel sheets. Although inexpensive and suitable for many garages, these doors are susceptible to external forces.


Wood Garage Door

The earliest garage doors are made of wood, the wooden garage doors are beautiful, and the wooden garage doors can be made from a variety of woods such as hemlock, redwood, fir and cedar.


Wood is a better insulator than steel, but insulated steel doors provide better energy savings. Wooden doors require regular maintenance and repair. The garage door is relatively tall, the solid wood door is not easy to open, the garage door is on the first floor, the door is outdoors, and the time is long and it is easy to be deformed by the tide.


Our company specializes in manufacturing aluminum glass garage doors. The aluminum garage door is framed in aluminum and embedded in glass, making it an independent and innovative garage door. The glass overhead garage door runs smoothly, with low noise and vertically lifts the garage door, saving space. The unique structure of the glass and aluminum frame can also better meet the aesthetics of modern architectural design. Anodized aluminum and insulated aluminum are aluminum frame materials for sectional glass garage door. There is no doubt that the aluminum overhead door should be the new best garage door option. If you are interested, you can contact us.

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