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What are garage door brackets for?

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What are garage door brackets for?

What are garage door brackets for

Garage door accessories are an important part of sectional garage door. Each accessory plays an important role in the operation of garage door. This article mainly introduces the function of garage door bracket, one of garage door accessories.



There are different types of garage door brackets: top roller bracket, bottom bracket, bearing bracket, side bearing bracket, jamb bracket, flag bracket, etc.


Top roller bracket:

Galvanized steel is corrosion-resistant, rust proof and durable

The top roller bracket is adjustable and allows tight sealing of the head. It is intended for insulated sectional garage door, aluminum glass garage door, commercial sectional garage door.

Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.5mm

This is a very common item. It is usually installed on the top of the tallest door, the function of the roller drives the garage door to slide on the track.


Bottom bracket:

Made of galvanized steel, casting aluminum

1 pair bottom bracket includes a left-hand and right-hand bracket, which can used for residential and commercial door. In addition to connecting the door panel and track, the bottom bracket is also connected with steel cable. These brackets are installed in the lower left and right corners of the combined garage door panel. They are easy to install and are used by many people.


Bearing bracket, side bearing bracket:

Connecting fixed solid shaft, the side bearing bracket is divided into left and right.

Distance: 65mm, 84mm, 110mm, 123mm, 152mm.


Jamb bracket:

Length:76mm, 93mm, 104mm, 115mm

When there is no L profile, it is used to connect the wall and vertical tracks.


Flag bracket:

It is mainly used to connect vertical track and horizontal track. It not only ensures the high quality of the garage door, but also prolongs the overall service life.


This is the general introduction of garage door bracket. If you want to know other accessories or section garage door, please contact us. Master well, master your door well.


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