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How to repair high speed PVC roll up doors?

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How to repair high speed PVC roll up doors?

High speed pvc roll up doors protect the productivity of the business by minimizing downtime. Because of the fast speeds of opening and closing, these doors can be used to prevent air contamination, regulate temperature, improve energy efficiency, boost productivity, and ensure safety from dangerous materials or operations. High speed pvc roll up doors are often used for high traffic areas where a high number of opening and closing cycles are needed each day, they are built for both speed and low-maintenance, but people are also worried about how to repair it once it is broken.


First, the reason for the brake slip of the high speed pvc roll up door.

1. The brake of the High speed pvc roll up door is oily. You can try cleaning with gasoline.

2. The compression spring force is reduced. Please replace the spring.

3. The electromagnet is not installed correctly. Need to reinstall.


Second, Check the reason why the chain of the high speed pvc roll up door doesn't work

1. The endless chain blocks the cross slot. Need to straighten out the chain.

2. The electromagnet fastener is loose. Please retighten it.


Third, the high speed pvc roll up door's self-weight fall failure reason.

1. High speed pvc roll up door manual lever deformation. At this time you need to replace the manual lever.

2. The gap between the manual tie rod and the washer is large. It is very simple to reduce the gap.

3. The gearbox motor lubrication is invalid. It is necessary to replace the grease.


Fourth, the high speed pvc roll up door motor does not start the reason to check.

Regarding the problem that the motor of the High speed pvc roll up door does not move, the following points can be judged:

1. If the circuit is disconnected, check the wires.

2. If the running capacitor is damaged, replace the running capacitor.

3. Overheat protection is invalid. Replace the overheat protector.

4. The brake is stuck. You can try pulling the manual chain a few times.

5. If the limit switch normally closed contact is not available, polish the contact or replace the limit switch.

6. The relay coil is broken or oxidized, contaminated, replaced with relays or polished contacts.

7. The continuous running time is too long and the thermal protection is disconnected. The motor temperature drops.

8. The bridge rectifier is broken or the electromagnetic coil is broken, and the brake is stuck. The bridge rectifier or solenoid is required to be replaced.


High speed pvc roll up doors are a sturdy choice that can be used in virtually every situation. When different doors are needed in various locations to achieve different tasks, fabric roll up doors are ideal. Some lines are designed to withstand high amounts of pressure and wind, while others are ideal for food or health industries that need quick and easy sanitation. Other fabric doors are perfect for car wash settings, or for controlling the temperature in food storage areas. Please contact Master Well's staff to choose the right door for you and reduce the cost of repairs later.

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