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What is the safety of high speed PVC stacking doors?

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What is the safety of high speed PVC stacking doors?

High speed PVC stacking doors, known as the safety door solution for modern building structures, is mainly applied for food factory, electronic workshop, warehouse, purification room and storage and other places. With reasonable structure and excellent safety performance, the high speed door series are becoming the main option for industrial sites.

High speed PVC stacking doors are the result of a major investment in research and development and guarantee the highest quality for the installation of industrial high speed doors. These are industrial PVC curtain closures without rigid elements. These industrial doors are ideal for fast and continuous transits. Thanks to the variety of models and customizations available for High speed PVC stacking doors, these doors are the right solution for any industry.

On each PVC fast door are performed numerous tests and verifications as prescribed by EU standards to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of performance and reliability, ensuring fast and safe passages of people and handling equipment.


Main structure/material options of High speed PVC stacking doors:

- Door frame and shaft box: Galvanized steel/304 stainless steel;

- Side Guide: Extruded aluminum/galvanized steel/304 stainless steel;

- Curtain: SIOEN high-strength polyester fiber cloth;

- Vision Window: 1.5mm thick transparent PVC;

- Wind-resistance bar: Extruded Aluminum Profile/Galvanized Steel


Product Advantages:

1. Electric configuration: Motor equipped is of well-known brand with guaranteed quality, to ensure the especially fast operation. When the high speed PVC stacking door is frequently opening and closing, no extra air cooling is required, but with fast heat radiation and high temperature resistance.

2. Control system: Control system adopts the weak current control mode, to convert the strong current, to ensure the control sensitivity and safety operation.

3. Open buffer device: Door opening device combines electronic control with mechanical buffer device, to eliminate the instant impact brought by the stacking door when the high speed PVC stacking door is opened, making high speed PVC stacking open steadily, with the opening speed of 0.8-2.0 meters per second and the closing speed of 0.6-1.0 meters per second.

4. When there is an obstacle in the door way, the high speed PVC stacking door body remains in open status.

5. When the high speed PVC stacking door is closing, and meanwhile there is an object passing through, the high speed PVC stacking doors will stop closing, but reverse the operation upwards, then close till it's safe.

6. When the high speed PVC stacking door closes, and the object below is in the blind area of the infrared protection device, the door body can quickly rebound to open again, when impact the object. High speed PVC stacking door can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Also, users can modify the parameters to set the door rebound speed, can also modify the parameters to set the function of the safety infrared protection device.


Above all, the high speed PVC stacking door not only guarantees the safety but also guarantees the service life, which is 500,000 times.Application that require fast and safe transits between one zone and another. 

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