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What's the Material of Hard Fast Doors?

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high speed spiral doors

The necessity of hard fast door

In recent years, the poor security, insufficient anti-theft performance disadvantages of PVC soft curtain doors has been shown with the wide application of PVC fast shutter doors, in order to cope with this situation, fast door manufacturers made a new set of security and anti-theft, fast opening and closing performance in one of the hard fast shutter door products after active research and development. What is hard fast door, what characteristic does it have? Here MasterWell professional manufacture of doors and windows will introduce for you.


The application and advantage of hard fast door
Hard fast shutter door can also be used in outdoor logistics, fast channel for production use which is different from the unitary application for indoor channel of PVC fast door, it has a strong reliability, practicality, easy to operate, quick repair and other characteristics, each year can run about 150,000 times without failure.

Similarly, the door body of the hard fast door runs at a fast speed. The turbine guide adopted by the door body is conducive to accelerating the operation of the door body. At the same time, the door body can maintain a more stable and less noise requirement in high-speed operation, and the opening speed can reach 1000~1500mm per second.

The material of hard fast door panel

In terms of material, the door plate of the rigid turbine fast door is made of 0.7mm thick double-layer aluminum plate, which is made of polyurethane foam layer in the middle, and the total thickness of the door plate is 40mm. The section design is broken bridge insulation structure, good insulation, light weight, strength, impact resistance, can resist the wind below 12 level. 

The outstanding advantage of the spiral doors is energy saving. Since the desired temperature(warmth or cold) is maintained through the fast opening and closing speed, the heat loss stays low.


As below are some panel model of hard fast door from MasterWell:

Panel Model






Panel Type

Roll forming with PU

Roll forming with PU

Roll forming with PU

Extruded Aluminum

Vision Window

Total Thickness







Aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet

PU foamed (optional)

Aluminum with PC panel

Material Thickness






Covering Height







The material of hard fast door hardware

Hard fast door is fixed by multiple hinges and special bolts. The hinge connection is made of QP steel shaft matched with PEEK shaft sleeve, which increases the surface hardness of the shaft and greatly increases the corrosion resistance of the shaft, keeping the shaft surface smooth and bright, not easy to be corroded.

Safety is also a key consideration for the hard fast door. In the production, the specially designed double turbine structure of the fast door is far better than other single turbines, with a higher safety index. The used Drive control is Shilin frequency conversion system which is stable, energy saving and accurate to ensure the reliable operation of the door.

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