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What If High Speed PVC Roll up Doors Motor Don't Work?

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What If High Speed PVC Roll up Doors Motor Don't Work?

High-speed doors are the specialized door systems, mainly used in industrial applications. They have technical enhancements of the generally known sectional doors, PVC fabric doors or roller shutters. The main difference is that the durable construction structure provides a higher operation speed and they are able to sustain a higher life span (opening and closing cycles) but lower maintenance and repair cost.


So if the high-speed PVC roll up door stopped working, what should we do? The following are some possible situations and corresponding trouble shootings.


Q1: Motor runs in the opposite direction.


A1: Signal of the operation control input is reversed, double check the control signal connection. If it’s set reversed, correct in the right way.

A2: Relatively switch 2 of the wire connections inside control box terminal U/V/W;


Q2: Motor cannot run in reverse.


A1: The reversal operation is prohibited, cross check the settings and motor manual.


Q3: Press operation button of high speed door control box or remote control button, the motor does not work and does not rotate.


A1: Start button is faulty, the control line is broken, needs check on control line and button;

A2: Input terminal of the inverter is incorrectly defined and does not correspond to the peripheral wiring. Check the terminal connection inside control box.

A3: Inverter is faulty, check if any alarm signal onside inverter screen.

A4: Motor line is not connected or missing, double check if motor connection is in good condition.

A5: Inverter is in the protection state, please try the reset, and reset for new start.

A6: Frequency command is not given or the frequency is given less than the starting frequency;

A7: Operation mode setting is incorrect, check if the mode is set to normal operation;

A8: Peripheral wiring is wrong, check the peripheral wiring as manual;

A9: Motor failure, check if the motor is faulty;


Q4: Vibration or abnormal noise of Side Drive Motor for high speed PVC roll up doors.


A1: The machine has resonance phenomenon, adjust the carrier, change the reduction ratio, avoid the resonance frequency, and install the vibration damping pad;

A2: The machine is stuck or poorly lubricated, and the mechanical load is to be checked.



Q5: Inverter starts and interferes with other equipment.


A1: The control line is shielded and the cable is covered with a metal tube;

A2: The main return line is separated from other signal lines;

A3: Add a load filter to the power output side of the inverter;

A4: Add a load filter to the power input of the inverter;

A5: The inverter and motor are properly grounded;

A6: Reducing the carrier frequency;


Q6: Motor of high speed PVC roll up doors Motor is overload.


A1: Check the working environment, to tell if motor insulation is lowered, which needs to be replaced or not;

A2: If the load is too large, the actual load has exceeded the rated torque of the motor, and the motor power or capacity should be increased;

A3: The ambient temperature is high, please improve the ambient ventilation conditions and reduce the ambient temperature;

A4: The distance between the inverter and the motor is over range. Please reduce the distance and install an AC reactor.

A5: The motor runs at a low speed state, and the reduction ratio is improved to make the motor run at a higher speed;

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