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What is the composition of the high speed PVC stacking door control system?

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What is the composition of the high speed PVC stacking door control system?

High speed pvc stacking door is a new concept of vertical folding doors. It completely abandons the drawbacks of traditional industrial doors but with new quality and efficiency. High-lightened with function of insulation and cold preservation, insect proof, wind proof, dust proof, sound proof, fire proof and anti-odor lighting, the high speed pvc stacking doors are widely used in industries of food, chemical, textile, refrigeration, electronics, printing, supermarket refrigeration assembly, precision machinery, logistics and warehousing, and plant management. It can be operated for thousands of times in a day and has a long service life. So what are the main components of the control system that is core part of the high speed pvc stacking doors system?


First, Operation Control Devices

Today's high speed pvc stacking doors can achieve a variety of control methods, whether it is radar sensing, geomagnetic induction, or remote control, are of very efficient application value. Taking geomagnetic induction as an example, when a metal object such as a vehicle comes over and is sensed by the magnetic field of the geomagnetic ring, the door will open quickly to a set delay time or automatically close. It does not respond to non-ferromagnetic objects, so it can effectively reduce false detections. It is convenient to install and maintain, also not necessary to close the lane and damage the road surface. What is required is only to check the geomagnetic sensor during maintenance; the detection point is not easily damaged and is not affected by the road surface movement.


Second, Motor Control

The motor is a very important part of the high speed pvc stacking doors. Among the equipment provided by the manufacturer, the mechanical part is mainly controlled by the transmission parts such as the motor, the gear, the gearbox and the drive shaft, and the traction force of the belt, the wire rope, etc., making the door open or closed. In general, manufacturers will set a touch-stroke switch on the side of the high speed pvc stacking doors, which can make the contactor stop function to abort the motor operation.


Third, Delay Switch Control

Delay control is a very important function of high speed pvc stacking doors. How is it realized? Mainly after the motor stops running, the delay relay will turn on the current. After the delay time set earlier, the device will be turned on at the specified time so that the contactor is primarily used to function.


Fourth, Manual Control

Although the manufacturer's high speed pvc stacking doors are generally fully automated, sometimes manual control is required, so you only need to press the manually operated switch to operate the device. If you need to delay, you can use the long press button, wait for all to pass and then let go.


Above are the important parts of the high speed pvc stacking doors control system, and during the continuous technical improvement and product upgrades, the high speed pvc stacking doors will be more and more powerful and high technology equipped. With the design and development of high speed pvc stacking doors, Master Well fully considers the functions and scope of use of the high speed, to fulfill the needs of end users and reflects its excellent performance. If any further demand, welcome to contact us freely. 

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