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What is the dimension of High Speed PVC Stacking Doors?

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What is the dimension of High Speed PVC Stacking Doors?

The frame of the high speed PVC stacking door is similar to that of ordinary high speed roll-up PVC door. However, as the stacking door is generally used on the site with large door opening size, the wind resistance performance and strength of the door will be increased with belts. Additionally, the strong horizontal wind-resistance bar of high speed roll-up PVC door is aluminum alloy material, high speed PVC stacking door is galvanizing steel tube. This also enhances the anti-wind effect of the high speed PVC stacking door.


High speed PVC stacking door has good wind resistance and strength, so it can be up to 12 meters wide. The maximum application size of high speed PVC stacking door we can made is: W12000mm*H10000mm. When the clear opening is more than 5m, the motor will be installed in the middle position of the shaft box.


Here are the composition and corresponding dimensions of High speed PVC stacking door.



Drive Shaft, top cover box, motor drive, motor cover, PVC curtain, wire groove, wind-resistance bar, vision window, control box, wall push switch, side guide, infrared photo sensor, aluminum bottom seal, belts and etc.



1. Type: The thickness of domestic curtain is 0.8mm. The thickness of SIOEN brand curtain is 0.8mm and 1.2mm.

2. Color:ANTI-STATIC WHITE, ANTI-STATIC Yellow, TRANSPARENT, RAL9016, RAL3002, RAL2004, RAL1018, RAL5002, RAL7004, RAL2008



1. Thickness: 1.20 mm

2. Material: galvanized steel sheet, surface treatment cold plate electrostatic spraying; #304 stainless steel

The default rounded housing can also be made at a 45-degree Angle.


Vision Window:

Thickness: 1.5mm thick perspective of PVC



1. Basic structure: open concave shape and brush

2. Width: 120mm*130mm or 160mm*130mm, and 160mm is used for the track with a height above 4.5m



1. Aluminum alloy: The thickness of galvanized sheet is 2.5mm or 3.0mm. It is generally suitable for the door less than 20 square meters

2. Galvanized sheet: The thickness of galvanized sheet is 2.0mm.

3. Stainless steel: The thickness of stainless steel is 1.85mm/1.8mm


Installation space:

1. Door stack on motor side: It should be no less than 340mm. (220mm motor box & 120mm track)

2. Door stack on the other side: It should be no less than 150mm. (120mm track)

3. The space allows the door head to stay 450mm, and the minimum distance of the door head is 300-340mm. If there is no door head, it can be installed in the middle.


The advantages of High-speed PVC stacking door is fast, quiet, isolation, insulation, wind resistance effect and other characteristics. The disadvantages of High-speed PVC stacking door is the price is a little bit expensive and the door is heavier than high speed roll-up door. Stacking doors with combined characteristic of great reliability and adjustable operation speed, are widely applied to exterior sites such as logistics passages and large entrance of warehouse and factories. 

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