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What are the types of high speed PVC doors?

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What are the types of high speed PVC doors?

As traffic travels through a facility, expensive conditioned air pours out during the process of industrial doors opening and closing. Energy has just been wasted. How do you maintain an energy-efficient environment and still enable efficient traffic flow? The best answer for you is a high speed door, which can not only deliver both but can do a better job of saving energy. This is also the reason why high speed doors are developed. With continuous research, development and innovation, there are mainly two models: high speed pvc door and hard fast doors on the market, and for high speed pvc doors, we have high speed self repairing zipper door, high speed pvc roll up doors and high speed pvc stacking door. So how do you choose the right one for you?


High speed PVC door structure:

The structures of the three PVC high speed doors are mainly composed of a door frame system, a curtain system, a drive motor, a control system and a safety system.


High speed PVC door characteristics

High speed pvc roll up door is designed for fast operation and insulation required industrial facilities. You can manage your extreme traffic for exterior or interior applications. This model high speed pvc roll up door is one of our most successful door series, it has flexibility for different applications, also high durability design to suit long-term industrial use.  With flexible and reliable system, you can use for many years. It can be applied for industries also can be re-designed for special conditions of the doors. If you need insulation at high traffic area, one of our roll-up door will be your best assistance.


High speed pvc stacking door is one of the new generations of high speed door manufactured by Master Well. With combination of reinforced aluminum or steel supports bar, high density pvc fabric materials and special designate shaft-drive system, the stacking door can serve to various conditions. This type of door is designed for larger size openings and heavy duty applications. They are offered with different versions, which provides individual and customized solutions for nearly every requirement. It is used for multi-purpose application for all type industries, from logistic to chemistry to manage the traffic and insulation required areas. It has flexible design and can be applied for different applications.


High speed pvc self repairing doors feature a self-repairing and anti-crash feature to greatly reduce the costs associated with damage from forklifts and other traffic accidents. The innovative zipper self-repairing system allows the curtain to automatically re-insert itself after a collision, with no requirement for a special maintenance service. Additionally, the flexible bottom edge and the fact there are no metal bars in the curtain guarantee the safety of operation, to avoid damage of people and other properties. High performance doors offer faster operating speeds, with advantages of more durability, longer-lasting, and reliability, ensures the greater impact ability, superior safety features, and lower long-term maintenance cost of ownership.


High speed pvc doors protect the productivity of the business by minimizing downtime. They are a sturdy choice that can be used in virtually every situation. When different doors are needed in various locations to achieve different tasks, fabric roll up doors are always the ideal option. Please feel free to contact Master Well to know more details.

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