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How to replace high speed PVC stacking door?

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How to replace high speed PVC stacking door?

The high speed PVC stacking door is mainly suitable for industries with high requirements for opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing and wind resistance, such as food, factories, mines, and there is no place to install the ground door, logistics enterprises, and large warehouses. For the large size of the door opening, it is convenient, fast, fashionable and space-saving. The door size applicable to the stacking door should be kept within 80 squares. If it exceeds this size, the wind resistance is poor, and maintenance and after-sales are troublesome.

In order to facilitate the customers to reduce unnecessary problems during the actual installation process, the stacking doors we produce are pre-assembled before leaving the factory, for example: the curtain, the bottom seal, the bottom soft strip and the shaft are pre-assembled together. The track, brush and connecting parts are all assembled. The PLC in the control box and the inverter are pre-set, etc. For our customers to receive our set of high speed PVC stacking door, it is not a very difficult thing to install themselves. The following is the order of installation:

First, personnel

1. You must have more than 3 staff members.

2. The electrical wiring work is operated by a certified professional person, and he must comply with the relevant national construction regulations;

Second, the scene environment

1. During the installation of the product, please ensure that there are no obstacles around the door, and place a notice prohibiting the passage of unrelated persons and vehicles.

2. The bottom of the left and right side columns and the ground are on the same level, to ensure that when the door is dropped, the bottom is horizontal.

3. Whether the actual opening size is inconsistent with the size of the door being made.

4. Check whether the product configuration meets the requirements of the site environment, any problem, please communicate with the manufacturer in time.

Third, tools and equipment

1. Electric drill and ready drill bit

2. Insulation tape

3. Wiring groove and double-sided tape

4. Laser level, tape measure

5. Hammer

6. Pliers, screwdriver

7. Set of sockets and various wrenches

8. Scaffolding

9. Forklift or chain hoist

Fourth, the installation content

1. The frame and the track are laid on the ground, the pre-reserved screw holes, the corresponding screws are installed, and the screws should be tightened.

2. View the condition of stacked door tube axis, and install it.

3. After determining the mounting direction of the stacking door motor, install the motor with the motor mounting bracket and fix the encoder.

4. The shaft, the curtain, the soft strip and the aluminum bottom seal have been assembled. The curtain needs to be laid flat in the stacking door rail. The stainless steel or galvanized wind resistant pipe penetrates into the curtain end, and the tube is inserted into the curtain, connect the tube and the frame by bolts, the top hole on the frame has been opened

5. Lift the door with a chain hoist or crane, and lift it to the position where the stacking door needs to be installed.

6. After measuring the level, fix the frame firmly

7. Install the control box, wiring

In the process of using the stacked door, you will actually encounter various bad conditions of the stacked door. Let's take a look at several common cases of replacement of the stacked door parts:

1. After the curtain of the stacking door is damaged and worn, it needs to be replaced. First of all, you need to determine the size of the curtain that needs to be replaced, that is, the width and height of the curtain, and the color and thickness of the replacement curtain must be the same as before; and if the wind-resistant stripe is deformed, the wind-resistant stripe should also be replaced. You should tell the length of the anti-wind bar and the original configuration of anti-wind bar, it is aluminum alloy, galvanized pipe or stainless steel?

2. The brush in the stacking door rail mainly plays the role of sealing, which reduces the entry of dust. When the door is used for a long time, the brush will wear out. At this time, we need to replace the brush. We need to confirm the size of the brush. The brush is integrated with the base of the aluminum alloy. Remove the bad brush and replace it with a new one.

3. After the stacking door track is damaged, you need to replace the new track. You need to inform the opening height of the hole, and re-do the material and color arrangement before installation.

We should pay attention to the maintenance of the door body, so as not to increase the cost and time of maintenance, let the stacking door better serve everyone. If you encounter any problems during the use of the stacked door, we are happy to serve you!

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