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How to install a high speed PVC self repairing zipper door?

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How to install a high speed PVC self repairing zipper door?

When we get the zipper door, what tools do we need, how do we install it, and what are the considerations? Here is a detailed explanation from Master Well.



STEP 1 Pre-Assemble Shaft Box with Steel Side Guides

l Put the Shaft Box and 2 pcs Steel Side Guide on horizontal ground.

l Fix the side guides to Shaft Box with screw bolts.


STEP 2 Assembling the PVC door curtain

l Unpack the pre-assembled PVC curtain rolls, which is already rolled on TUBE SHAFT.

l Insert and Fix the tube shaft to the top shaft box.

l While the side frames are still clamped to the wall, remove the bolts attaching the bearing plates to the side frames, so the side frames can be freely adjusted. ·

l Line the curtain up with the track and insert the zipper into the track. Make sure the curtain isn’t too tight. The side frames may need to be adjusted inward. ·

l Loosen the top clamp and adjust the top side frames by sliding them away from the opening to stretch the curtain. The curtain should be lightly stretched.



l Fix the motor on the shaft, make sure the screws are well-tightened.

l Fix the motor on the shaft head (See Below the photo as instruction)

l Insert the Encoder on the shaft head; Fix encoder bracket with the Speed Reducer on motor;

Note: Fix the encoder on the shaft and fix the encoder bracket with the speed reducer on the gear motor.


STEP 4 Fit the whole door frame on ground to the correct opening site

l Use the crane/fork lift to lift the whole door frame

l Fix the whole door frame to the concrete site after measurement


STEP 5 Fixing the Cover box

l Cover Box including both the motor cover box and shaft cover box.


STEP 6 Fixing the bracket of Infrared Sensor

l Making sure the receiver and transmitter are on the same horizontal level


STEP 7 Fixing Safety Airbag Sensor and other extra options


1. Grinder

2. Scissors

3. Pliers

4. Hammer

5. Clamps

6. Drill bits

7. Caulk Gun

8. Cordless Drill

9. Tape Measure

10. Wire Stripper

11. Suitable equipment to lift and access the parts of the door (ladder, forklift, man lift, etc.)

12. Tools to install the wall fasteners. Each install is unique so be sure you have what you need for your wall.

13. Allen Keys (3mm, 5mm, 8mm)

14. 3/8 Concrete Drill Bit + Hammer Drill



1. Before any service, personnel must be properly trained and be qualified to work on the equipment. ·

2. Working on the electrical equipment requires special training and no one should work on the electrical equipment without proper certification. 

3. Before doing any electrical work be sure the power to the door is turned off, locked and tagged out. ·

4. Block off the area from traffic and place signs indicating the door is out of operation and personnel are in the area working. ·

5. Unauthorized people must not repair or maintain the door and should not be in the area during maintenance. ·

6. Do not use any heat sources that could start fires near the door and do not solder during maintenance. ·

7. Do not use compressed air or any solvents on the door.


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