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How to make high speed PVC Self Repairing doors?

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How to make high speed PVC Self Repairing doors?

High speed PVC Self repairing door, as its name implies, is the high speed door with zipper structure.  The zipper is a similar structure as on clothes we saw in our daily life, in a continuous permutation of chain tooth, which bite each other to lock, working as an airtight barrier. Master High speed PVC Self repairing door get inspiration from this zipper structure, and developed the unique zipper system at both edges of the door curtain and guideway. It sufficiently meets the demand for high speed door application in high cleanliness, which successfully replaced the brush & rubber seal structure of fast shutter, truly achieve a full range of sealing, isolation effect.

Here's how to make high speed PVC zipper doors:

1. Surface treatment of PVC curtain fabric: After getting the PVC curtain fabric from curtain supplier, will need to iron the curtain surface, to make it as flat as possible, considering the raw material of PVC is granular, cannot guarantee the flatness as required for the PVC high speed doors.

2. PVC curtain Cutting: Put the flat PVC fabric within the working range of the smart cutting machine, input the required shape & size instruction into the smart system, then cut the fabric automatically with high accuracy device. One-step molding ensures the cutting edge smoothness and zero error on size. Small shape and size for vision windows in middle is also available in this step.

3. Installation of the zipper or wind-resistance bar: According to the speed door model, If for PVC self repairing high speed door, we install zippers on both edges, and put extra weight on bottom of the PVC curtain seal part; If for normal PVC roll up high speed, we install the wind-resistance bar in the designed position.

4. Top shaft cover box making: Customize the width of the top shaft cover based on the real door opening size, and the diameter according to the total door height; After that  bend and deform the steel plate through the bending machine. There are two shape design of the top shaft cover box:  semicircle and 45° Angle. After the completion of painting treatment, install on the shaft box and do the package.

5. Control box debugging: Motor is selected according to the weight of curtain fabric and opening speed required by customers, and the control box is connected with switch buttons and airbags.

6. Others: Zipper door is equipped with special track and zipper, which can be used to fit each other. Infrared sensor is mounted on both sides of the door frame, at about 30cm distance from the ground.


After finishing above the production process, assembly and packaging will be carried out to complete the production of the whole zipper door.

The anti-collision and automatic reset function of high speed PVC zipper doors is very attractive to customers .Literally the doors can be understood as this kind of anti - collision, while not the door frame, but the door curtain itself does. With the external force, the door curtain automatically crashed out the door side track, and door curtain will not be damaged because of the zipper structure. The door curtain is impacted, the zipper structure of the door curtain will be stressed out and get back into the side track in the next circle. After the door is raised and restarted, the door curtain will automatically reset by the special inner track & the zipper structure to return inside the normal state of operation, eliminating the cost and time of after-sales maintenance and greatly facilitating the operation of enterprises and factories.

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