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Is high speed PVC shutter doors suitable for freezers?

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Is high speed PVC shutter doors suitable for freezers?

Nowadays, heating and cooling equipment in industrial and storage premises has become the main equipment of most enterprises.Rising energy prices are forcing companies to introduce new energy-saving technologies.Among them, the most effective method is to install energy-saving soft PVC anti-collision automatic reset zipper high-speed door at the important and frequent entrance.

PVC zipper door fast, with thermal insulation, cold insulation, insect-resistant, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, prevent bad breath, a number of functions, such as daylighting and widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezing, logistics, warehousing, and other places, can be extremely meet the high performance logistics and clean place, and save energy, high speed automatic shutdown, improve work efficiency, to create a better working environment, etc.PVC fast zipper door can be used for cold storage, the following from several aspects to explain why suitable.

Automatic repair:

The most important thing for the cold storage door is to reduce the opening time of the door. Even when there is a forklift, it can close the door quickly to reduce the air conditioning.Anti-collision automatic reset zipper high-speed door automatic repair is after the impact of the forklift, and can quickly return to the track.

Heat insulation:

The curtain fabric of the anti-collision self-reset zipper high-speed door developed by master is made of durable polyester fiber with a density of 700-1700 G/ 2, which can be embedded with the window made of transparent curtain fabric.The unique design of the anti-collision automatic reset zipper high speed door allows for efficient logistics access and maintains the original indoor temperature conditions while minimizing heat loss.Master's anti-collision automatic reset zipper high speed door can provide different opening and closing speed, according to different requirements of customers to provide the best speed.

Good safety:

Master anti-collision automatic reset zipper high-speed door curtain part to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, without any hard parts.Anti-collision self-resetting zipper high-speed doors have a self-repairing function, which means that even if the curtain is derailed from the track (for example, knocked off by a forklift), the self-repairing system will automatically guide the curtain back to the track in the next operating cycle.

Long service life, low maintenance rate:

The master anti-collision self-resetting zipper high-speed door requires almost no maintenance and has a service life of 1.5 million times.More effectively reduce the cold storage door in the use of the process, because of damage caused by the cold storage temperature can not maintain the problem.The most direct and effective loss reduction, and maintenance time, from the source to solve the user's problems.

So, pull the chain structure as seen in our daily life on the clothes of the zipper, rely on continuous arrangement chain tooth occlusal open or lock each other, forming an airtight barrier, we pull chain fast shutter is get design inspiration, make full use of the characteristics of its convenience, airtight, fast developed with guide rail, and the zipper structure at the connecting curtain principle, solves the fast shutter use demand under the environment of high cleanliness requirements, successfully replaced the brush or rubber seal structure of fast shutter, truly achieve a full range of sealed, isolation effect, more suitable for cold storage with the door.

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