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what are the parts of high speed PVC zipper doors?

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what are the parts of high speed PVC zipper doors?

High speed pvc zipper doors has many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, dustproof, soundproof, fireproof, anti-odor, etc., and is widely used in food, textile, chemical, frozen electronics, printing, supermarket refrigeration assembly, precision machinery, logistics and warehousing, etc. The location can meet the needs of today's logistics and energy saving more efficiently.


The parts of high speed pvc zipper doors are divided into: zippered curtain part, top cover box, motor, motor box, guide, control box, and optional safety device. 

The following sections will show the contents of each part of the zipper door frame:

The zippered curtain part of high speed pvc zipper doors 

High speed pvc zipper doors curtain fabric is a high-quality PVC fiber cloth with strong three-dimensional sense, soft and hard hand feeling, adopting environmentally friendly and low-toxic products, strong extension performance, extinguished in case of fire, and has certain fire prevention. The color of the zipper door curtain is as follows: white grid, yellow grid, RAL9016 white, RAL3002 dark red, RAL2004 orange red, RAL1018 yellow, RAL5002 blue, RAL7004 gray, RAL2008 orange, the thickness of the curtain is 0.8mm/1.2mm Made in China, the thickness of 1.2mm curtain brand is Sioen, and the thickness of the window is 1.5mm. The curtain and zipper parts are joined together by a high temperature ironing machine using a mat. Such a zippered curtain is engaged with the zipper door track without leaving a gap, so that the zipper door has a paste sealing property. 


The top cover box of high speed pvc zipper doors

The high speed pvc zipper doors cover box material can be used with 2.0mm thick galvanized steel plate, surface treatment cold plate electrostatic spraying, color can be customized, the general default is white, can also be produced with #304 stainless steel material; high-speed PVC self-repair zipper door cover box The default is rounded corners, or you can do 45-degree angles;


The motor of high speed pvc zipper doors

The High-speed PVC self-repairing zipper door’s motor can provide the below brand: SEW, Siemens, SNMA, SEJ, servo system, and the motor is with hand brake. The power is provided according to the door size, the voltage can be 380V/220V, and according to the door size, the lifting weight is different, the motor power is usually 0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.8kw, etc.


The motor box of high speed pvc zipper doors

The motor box of the high-speed PVC self-repairing zipper door is used to block the motor. The motor box is generally the same color as the top cover box, which is more beautiful.


The guide of high speed pvc zipper doors

The guide of high speed pvc zipper doors is composed of an open concave shape and a track black slide rail, and the track slide rail is engaged with the zipper of the zipper door. The track width is 125mm and the depth is generally 95mm. The door is used in industry, and the door track is relatively small, that saves a lot of space.


The control box of high speed pvc zipper doors

high speed pvc zipper doors’s control system is adopted PLC digital programming, to achieve the safety passing of vehicle and goods, and the inverter can be adjusted the speed. We can provide the brand of inverter: Mitsubishi, Siemens, SHILIN; the brand of PLC: Mitsubishi, Siemens, KEWEI.


Security configuration of high speed pvc zipper doors

In consider of the high-speed PVC self-repairing zipper door’s safety, we can provide the photo cell, wireless safety airbag device; about the high speed PVC roll up door’s light transmitting, we can provide the different style transparent window; about the different control way, we can provide the manual button, transmitter, control box, radar sensor, geomagnetism.

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