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What’s the size of high speed PVC shutter doors?

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What’s the size of high speed PVC shutter doors?

High speed PVC shutter doors have many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, dust proof, sound proof, anti-odor, etc., and is widely used in food, textile, chemical, frozen, electronics, printing, supermarket, refrigeration assembly, precision machinery, logistics and warehousing, etc. The product location can meet the needs of today's logistics and make energy saving more efficiently.


About the application door size of the PVC high speed door, let us introduce the 3 main series accordingly. 

Referring to the clear size of the door opening, it means the door opening width and the door opening height. And before ordering a high speed PVC shutter door, you need to confirm the clear door opening size, the door headroom and the door threshold. For the high speed PVC shutter door, we need to check on the entire door surface from the outside of the door when the door is fully open, also the door opening part is the part where the door is fully opened. The threshold is the installation location of the high speed PVC shutter door track. Let's take a look at the installation space for the door cover box and side guide tracks.


According to the application size of the door, the side plate size of the cover box provided by us is inconsistent. 

Our side plate size is optional of W300*H300mm, W300*H340mm and W470*H420mm, mainly depending on the door height applied. For the side guide track of PVC high speed door, the thickness for the high speed PVC roll up door’s cover box and guide is 2.0mm, and the material is galvanized steel; And for the surface finish, it ‘s cold plate electrostatic spraying, of course, the material can be optional of stainless steel #304. With regards to the cover box shape, we can make it of curved and angled. The side guide is made with the open groove and brush, the guide size is 120*130 mm & 160*130 mm, which saves the small space when installing; If the door height is over 4.5m, we will provide the guide size 160*130mm.


The door motor is installed at the side of the cover box, and the size of the door motor is W220*H650mm, please make sure that the mounting space for the threshold are sufficient. And the control box size is W350*H450mm, you can choose to install at the left or right side of the door, and normally, the control box is usually installed at the same side of motor, because that’s easier to connect the wire to the control box. The control box is installed at a position approximately 1200 mm above from the ground.


In most circumstances, high speed PVC shutter door is mainly installed inside the facilities. The wind-resistant bar is matched with the curtain, that makes the high speed PVC shutter door with certain wind resistance function, with windproof load is 450N/m2. The maximum application size of the general roll-up door is W6000*H6000mm; If exceeding this size, the wind resistance will not be guaranteed. By the way, length of curtain sheet is always the same as the wind-resistant bar.


In the actual installation, we always need to determine on the real door opening size, door headroom and door threshold, to ensure the installation space can sufficiently meet the above installation space requirements. And after the actual accurate measurement, it can be judged whether the installation condition can be satisfied.

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