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What is the use of high speed PVC zipper doors?

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What is the use of high speed PVC zipper doors?

High speed PVC zipper doors in the present era of rapid development, there are many demands on efficiency and product quality.PVC fast shutter door is a high-speed operation, with partition function of the new fast door, beautiful appearance.This product has high reliability, practicability, easy operation and low maintenance cost.The control system adopts the advanced servo technology in the field of industrial motion control to ensure that the annual fault-free operation reaches more than 150,000 times in the application.When you buy a high speed PVC zipper doors with a unique vision, the following will be from the way the door open and how to use this door.


There are several high speed PVC zipper doors ways to open:

1. Button control: by installing the wall switch button on the wall, the button on the wall can be used to open and close high speed PVC zipper doors when needed.The use of wall buttons longer life, not easy to damage, maintenance is convenient.

2. Remote control: install receiving decoration in the control box, and control the high speed PVC zipper doors switch by remote control.It can realize the function of opening and closing the door at a long distance, without walking back and forth, the remote control distance is 20 meters at most.

3. Pull rope control: pull rope is equipped with a pull rod outside the door, which is connected by the pull rope and the brake of the control box. The longest distance of the pull rod is 2 meters.The cable control combines the advantages of button control and remote control, namely low maintenance costs and no need to walk back and forth.

4. Geomagnetic control: set geomagnetic induction at the place up to 2 meters away from the door, which will be sensed when vehicles pass through and open the door.

5. Radar control: according to the selected radar induction range, different radar specifications can be detected at different distances. When the radar detects an object passing by, it will control the high speed PVC zipper doors switch.

6. Signal lamp: it is installed beside the door as a reminder, and the signal lamp will turn on when the high speed PVC zipper doors is opened.The signal lamp can be used in combination with the above five control modes to increase the safety of opening and closing doors and effectively prevent accidents.


High speed PVC zipper doors is widely used in food enterprises, government construction, commercial real estate, energy saving, environmental protection, smooth operation, safety, easy to clean, easy to replace, easy to maintain, to meet customers for partition, pest control, dust control, energy saving and other requirements.

Master high speed PVC zipper doors is equipped with infrared ray electric eye, the door frame is equipped with infrared ray electric eye on both sides, when there is an obstacle under the fast door, the door body remains open when the object passes through when the door body falls, the door will automatically rebound to the opening position, and when there is no obstacle below, the door will delay to fall when the door body is falling.

Master High speed PVC zipper doors adopts imported electric cabinet, stable performance, frequency conversion control, screen display, convenient for monitoring and fault checking.SEW motor can operate reliably in both gas and dust environments.

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