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What is the specification for High Speed PVC Roll up Doors?

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What is the specification for High Speed PVC Roll up Doors?

Master High Speed PVC Roll up Door is provided with a lot of functions, such as heat insulation, pest control, anti-dust, anti-noise, anti- fire, and anti-odor etc., which explains why the door is widely used in industries of food, chemical, textile, electronic, freezing, printing, supermarkets, precision machinery, logistics, warehousing and other various places, also high speed PVC roll up doors can meet the requirements to improve the efficiency of modern logistics.

Let’s see the below specifications for high speed PVC roll up door in detail:

The high speed PVC roll up door is mainly used for indoor application, equipped with wind-resistance bar and high strength PVC curtain, which guarantee the door with better wind resistance, at wind load 450N/M2 .And for the high speed PVC roll up door, maximum application size is W6000*H6000mm, if exceed this size, the wind resistance performance will be affected. For the PVC curtain on the high speed PVC roll up doors, we have color options of Anti-Statics White, Anti-Static Yellow, RAL9016 White, RAL3002 Dark Red, RAL2004 Orange Red, RAL1018 Zinc Yellow, RAL5002 Blue, RAL7004 Grey, RAL2008 Pure Orange. For the PVC curtain thickness, 0.8mm is the standard option, also with 1.2mm imported brand SIOEN, 1.5mm transparent for vision window, comes with water-proof performance at Grade 2, 50N/ M2 .


Safety & Operation Devices of High Speed PVC Roll up Door:

In consideration of operation safety for high speed PVC roll up door, we provide the photo cell, and wireless safety airbag device as the standard safety device; And to enrich the operation methods of the high speed door, various options are provided such as manual button, transmitter, control box, radar sensor and inductive loop device. Different styles of transparent window are also available for better vision view.


Varied Running Speed of High Speed PVC Roll up Door:

Running speed of High Speed PVC Roll up Door is adjustable: Opening speed from 0.80m/s to 2.0m/s, and closing speed from 0.6m/s to 1.0m/s. Running speed adjustment can be achieved through inverter inside the control box, t to meet the actual needs.


Driving System of High Speed PVC Roll up Door:

Driving system is the core part for the high speed roll up doors. For the motors, we can provide multiple options for different demands, brands including SEW, SIEMENS, SNMA, SEJ and Servo Motor; All the motors are provided with manual brake, that offers emergency operation under power failure. Furthermore, motor power can be applied based on the real door size, in supply voltage 220V single phase and 380V three phase.


Control System of High Speed PVC Roll up Door:

For control system of high speed PVC roll up door, we use PLC digital programming, to achieve the safety passing of people, vehicles and forklifts; Also we use the inverter for the speed adjustment; Same as the motors, we offer provide multiple brand option for the inverter: MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, SHIHLIN; and for PLC: MITUSUBISHI, SIEMENS, KEWEI.


Mechanical Structure of High Speed PVC Roll up Door:

Complete Frame Structure of a complete set of high speed roll up door consists of Top Sahft Cover Box and Side Guide; Thickness of both cover box and side guide is of +2.00mm, standard with galvanized steel, in finish of cold pate electrostatic spraying, additional option with #304 stainless steel;

For the top shaft cover box, it can be customized to curved and 45 angled; For the side guide, it’s extruded with open groove, equipped with brush. Dimension of the side guide is by 120mm * 130mm & 160mm * 130mm, to save the installation space, while if the door height is over 4.5m, 160mm * 130mm guide will be necessary. 

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