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What is the definition of high speed pvc self repairing zipper door?

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What is the definition of high speed pvc self repairing zipper door?

The advantage of high-speed PVC self repairing door is that it can be automatically reset. When the door curtain runs out of the track after being hit by a forklift, it can also be automatically reset into the track during the next circle. Compared with the traditional soft curtain door, this design greatly extends the service life of the door, also reduces the maintenance cost.


What is self repairing?


The two sides of the high-speed PVC self repairing door are reset by the mutual cooperation of zipper and special track and control box.

The unique advantage of zipper-pushing high speed self repairing door maximizes the speed of self-repairing PVC curtain running, up to 0.6m/s-1.5m/s; Control box frequency converse with gear motor and encoder after the door collision automatically restore itself in the first opening circle. The doors are equipped with unique doors and curtains made of PVC in different colors. The winding of the curtain is achieved by gradually winding up the horizontal axis. The open and close operations are accomplished by a gear motor placed vertically on one side. The installation of the door requires a wall support, which can be stabilized by means of screw anchors.


Master • Operate with gear motor and speed reducer, driven by an inverter with the possibility of “speed regulation”, function directly on the rolling shaft of the door. Limit switch regulation through the encoder is placed in the gear motor. Power supply 220 Volt one phase; And without rigid elements with about 900 gr/sq meter of weight in pvc fabric(which is also available in self-extinguishing class 2 material). Ballasted base with flexible system that allows the same to descent by gravity. The side ends of the curtain finished with a plastic Zip that slides in a special polyene guide.


Master doors help to solve the costly problem of door damage with their zipper self-repairing system which allows the curtain to reinsert itself after collision. The doors have a heavy-duty curtain providing a tight seal to protect against air currents, temperature differences, humidity and dust. The high speed operation of up to 2000 mm/second helps to maximize productivity through the doorways and prevent the risk of contamination.


What is the safety guarantee of high-speed PVC automatic repair door?


Infrared device for safety will detect whether there is an obstacle under the door. If there is an obstacle through the doorway, it will stop the closing operation of the door curtain and bounce to open, plays as a safe role.


The zipper up-push mode can be set with the basic opening and closing function to guarantee at least the safety performance n the case of power failure. The safety airbag system is applied to the high-speed door, making the door work even more safer.


Through the above descriptions, whether there is a certain understanding of high-speed PVC self repairing door, makes people understand how to fix it automatically, by a more effective and secure solution for the separation of two rooms. Choose high-speed PVC self repairing door, is the best match for warehouse and your workshops! 

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