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How to maintain high speed PVC shutter doors?

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How to maintain high speed PVC shutter doors?

If you're working in surroundings with heavy traffic flow, such as logistic warehouse with forklifts in and out, you will recognize the importance of the high speed PVC shutter doors; Where efficiency, speed and reliability are imperatively required, our high speed PVC shutter doors is always the ideal solution for your workspace. And for the self repairing high speed doors, when the curtain is struck, it has the ability to automatically reset itself into the guides, but in certain situations a manual reset may be required.

Key Features:

High speed performance of opening & closing roller shutter doors enable quick access and  quick denial to the premises , which saves greatly on energy costs, also allows faster material handling to reduce the chance of impact damage and provide faster security. If failure occurs of the self repairing fast door, it’s mainly due to the motors.

The following instructions describe how to detect and repair your self-repairing door motor if it is broken.

1. Frequently asked questions

Reasons: Generally, it can be caused by the short circuit problem, motor burnt out, stop button not reset, limit switch action wrong, or the overload issue, and so on. .


(1) check the circuit first, and do it when the power supply is connected. If the motor is damaged, we will need to replace with new motor only.

(2) if the button does not respond, you can change the button, or try to press it repeatedly; You can also disable the micro switch contact via limit position settings, to gradually re-adjust the micro switch position.

(3) check whether there are obstacles in the mechanical part, if yes, clear the obstacles.

2. Control failure

Causes: the actual relay connection may be stuck, or travel micro switch failure with contact deformation; The screws on slide block set are loose, makes the screw on the plate is loose that the slide block cannot move with the screw rod rotation; The transmission gear of the limit device is damaged, the button is stuck on and off.


(1) get the real problem by eliminating one by one. The relay shall be replaced first; Then replace the micro switch or contact plate, which can be tested first. If the fault still exists, please continue to check.

(2) check the screw of the sliding block and reset the backboard; Replace the limit gear, which needs tools to be prepared in advance; When replacing the button, the new button should be the same specifications as the old one.

3. Zipper does not move

Reason: Pull chain of zipper groove is stuck, or zipper holder is broken.


Straighten the annular chain first, and clear it up in time when there is any dust or dirty;  Adjust gradully the relative position of the zipper gear, if the displacement occurs, it will also affect the work of the fast door; If it is caused by the lack of oil parts, you can add lubricating oil.

To sum up, the 3 common problems of motor immovability of fast door, control failure, zipper immovability explains for each small fault of motor immovability of fast door. There are corresponding maintenance methods. When encountering above the problems, you can check the related methods. If still cannot understand the repair methods of fast door, we’d suggest you seek professional personage for assistance.

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