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What is the thickness of aluminum alloy high speed spiral doors?

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What is the thickness of aluminum alloy high speed spiral doors?

Master Well Aluminum alloy high speed spiral door, also known as hard fast door, is a new type of metal fast door with the function of anti-theft and high temperature partition. It is reliable, practical and easy to operate. The door panels of hard fast doors are stretched by aluminum alloy material, polyurethane foaming agent is filled in the interior. Ethylene propylene terpolymer cold-resistant sealant is used to seal the door panels, which can effectively isolate temperature and reduce the loss of energy. Then let’s talk about the thickness of section and total panels.  


Spiral Door Panel Models

Master Well aluminum alloy high speed spiral door has five different panel models, including ARF40N, ARF40F, ARF50N, EA40NH, EA40NF. The first three models are aluminum PU foaming panels, and the last two are extruded aluminum profiles. Mainly includes the total thickness of 40mm and 50mm. The 40mm-thickness aluminum PU foaming door panel is divided into an finger-protection interface panel with a width of 185mm and a normal interface panel with a width of 210mm. The 50mm-thickness aluminum PU foaming panel only has a normal interface panel with a width of 230mm. The extruded aluminum profiles panels are all 40mm thickness with normal interface panels.

The standard thickness of 40mm or 50mm panels’ surface is anodized and organically colored, wind strength can reach 12, according to the international standard RAL color: color white, silver, gold champagne, gray, blue and other colors.


Spiral Door Structure

We all know that aluminum alloy high speed spiral door is a kind of easy thermal conductive material, so no matter how thick the door panels are, we all need to adopt the broken bridge design to separate the two sides of the door panels, improve the overall thermal resistance of the door panels, and reduce the heat loss of the door panels. The hinge bearing design makes the joint of the door curtain not force, and the door panel does not touch each other, and it can keep the smoothness after long time use. The door panels are sealed by the soft connection tape, and the folding life of the soft connection can reach over one million times.

The door panels of hard fast doors adopt the advanced heat treatment scheme of bridge breaking and isolation, which can achieve the domestic 7-level energy-saving door and window standards and will not destroy the ozone layer.

Hard fast door is a barrier-free isolation door which runs faster than 2.5 meters per second. It has the function of good sealing, heat preservation and sound insulation. The common thickness of aluminum alloy high speed spiral door are 40 mm and 50 mm, the thicker the door panels are, the better the insulation performance will be. 


Aluminum alloy high speed spiral door is an industrial door which is controlled by PLC, frequency converter and encoder, and is positioned accurately. It is mostly used in food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical industry, automobile, textile, logistics and other fields with high environmental requirements. The main functions of hard fast doors are heat preservation, moisturization, dust prevention, insect prevention, sound insulation, etc, so that the workshop maintains a constant temperature, humidity, clean working environment. Any occasion, just if you need, Master Well enterprise limited must be a better choice for you.

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