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Why do you need a high speed spiral door?

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Why do you need a high speed spiral door?

About high speed spiral door

The opening speed of the high speed spiral door is up to 1.5 meters per second, so it is named like this. It is a new type of metal quick door with anti-theft, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance, environmental protection and high temperature partition. It is reliable, practical and easy to operate. Widely used in underground garages, automobile manufacturers, food, chemicals, textiles, electronics, supermarkets, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing and other places, can meet high-performance logistics and cleanliness, so it is relatively high in the current market.


Attractive appearance

Compared with ordinary doors, it has advantages in appearance and performance. The door panel of the high speed spiral door is made of aluminum alloy, the thickness of aluminum alloy curtain is 40-50mm, the surface is anodized and organic colored. There are white, silver, gray, blue and other colors to choose from. It has a non-fading, low-temperature, insect-resistant, waterproof and self-cleaning function, which means it will not rust for a long time. The color of the door panel is very bright. It looks very beautiful in appearance, and its design is also very novel, there are many styles. It looks very elegant and generous. Therefore, in some commercial establishments, such doors are often used.


Features and performance

The high speed spiral door is an automatic door with inductive performance that is very convenient to use. At the same time, this kind of door has good security, it has infrared protection. 

It also has a good sealing performance, and a sealing strip is added to the bottom end, which increases its tightness and makes it well insulated from the outside world. The environmental requirements of ordinary industrial production may not be very strict, but for many special industries, a more stable environment is required. In some unique production environments, such as many medical and health products processing, food processing, and many important garment manufacturing fields, it is often necessary to have a relatively stable production environment. For some unique external influence conditions, Controlled, etc., its superior performance can be achieved in many environments. Many production workshops are equipped with a high speed spiral door. The main function is to close the space environment through technical processing and actual operation. The high speed spiral door is characterized by a very complete control system, which can achieve better technical operation performance for people in a manual operating environment, and realize the closing and processing of space in a short time. In a certain environment, it can also ensure the sterility and isolation of the environment, and it works well to keep the indoor temperature constant.

The high speed spiral door also has many advantages in sound insulation. It can also keep the interior clean and tidy. It can prevent insects. The products produced in such an environment are of good quality.

Maintenance is simple and convenient. Regularly remove the dust on the surface of the electric door motor and the transmission chain, and add lubricating oil; check the components in the control box, tighten the terminals, clean the inside of the box and the surface dust; check the manual switch control box, clean the dirt on the button; check the upper and lower Limit switch. Switch rails add lubricant; check electric brake manual switch and manual start device.

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