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Different Opening Type of Hard Fast Doors?

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Different Opening Type of Hard Fast Doors?

The parts of Hard Fast Doors

The hard fast door is mainly composed of track, door panel and drive system. That is to say, the structure of the hard fast door has been modularized, and basically, the components have been assembled before leaving factory, and three modular parts are formed, which can be assembled on site, and it is simple and convenient. Master's hard fast door is mainly connected by hinge, 0.7mm aluminum plate thickness, foaming door plate thickness 40mm, 50mm series connection, note that when the hinge and door panel are fixed, ensure the seal between the door panel and the door panel tight. Then connect all the door panels into a sheet-like chain system. The hinge chain on both sides has high-quality rolling bearing wheels, and the bearing wheels roll in the rails on both sides. Due to the consideration of friction and wear, the track must be made of aluminum alloy, and when the two sides of the track extend upward, the top end adopts The spiral track, that is, the principle of the Archimedes spiral, is used to fix the spiral track whose arc radius is linearly reduced at the top of the track on both sides. When the door body is drawn into the spiral track, the door body is mutually no collisions between them.


The Hard Fast Doors' drive system

The Hard Fast Doors’ drive system can provide the below brand: SEW, Siemen, SNMA,SEJ, servo system, and the motor is with hand brake. The power is provided according to the door size, the voltage can be 380V/220V

The Hard Fast Doors' control system

The Hard Fast Doors' control system adopt PLC digital programming, to achieve the safety passing of vehicle and goods, and the speed can be adjusted by the inverter. We can provide the brand of inverter: Mitsubishi, Siemens, SHILIN; the brand of PLC: Mitsubishi, Siemens,KEWEI.

The unique electronic control system of the hard fast door makes the quick door have a variety of opening methods, which is more fashionable, convenient and fast. The opening method is as below:

1. Control box button

2. Manual button

3. Remote control 

Our standard remote control system consists of 1 receiver and 2 remote controls. The remote control has a control range of 30 meters, so it is very convenient to open at a long distance.

1. Bluetooth

2. Geomagnetic

The coil is buried in the front of the door and behind the door. When a metal object passes through the sensing area of the geomagnetic induction coil, such as a vehicle or other equipment, the person pushes and pulls the metal car, etc., the door can be automatically opened.

1. Radar

Forklifts and other vehicles, as well as personnel in the passage of the passage, sensed, the door immediately opened

2. Punch & fingerprint opening

In addition, when the door encounters an obstacle, in order to ensure the safety of the goods and people in the process of descending the door, to avoid the injury of people or things in the process of falling, there are the following ways to safely open the door:


Infrared is divided into two types of radiation and reflection. the door will open if there is an obstacle in the middle in the process of closing .


When the hard fast door is in the process of descending, when the obstacle is hit and the air pressure of the airbag changes, the door body will immediately stop descending and open up until the door is opened.

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