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Different Control Panel Of High Speed Spiral Door?

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Different Control Panel Of High Speed Spiral Door?

The control box occupy an important position in the whole set of fast door

The control box of rapid door is like the brain of fast door manage the door’s operation through different instruction to realize various work performance, it is an important part of the door, fast door will be a common door have more trouble without the control box, so there will be no meaning without the control box system of quick door. 


The control box is usually a digital controller, which can be controlled together with photoelectric sensors, geomagnetic rings, remote controls, radar sensors and other sensors, which is a prerequisite for realizing intelligence. The material of the box body is made of 1.5-thickness high quality cold-rolled plate, and the surface is sprayed with no glare reflective spray coating, with strong corrosion resistance and elegant appearance.

The output power is usually 220 v, 50 hz, it also can be customized to 380v according to user requirements.


Rapid door frequency control box of rapid door did not appear any fault through (up 50 hz, power down frequency 40 hz) 140 hours’ running, 5 seconds every time continuous operation more than 100000 times. The service life and opening times of the door can fully reach the standard.



The advantage of fast door control box

The dedicated converter developed by senior technical engineers for doors industry application,  are more in line with the customers’ using habits, and simple debugging will be more convenient. The brake resistance, external relay and other additional accessories are integrated into the converter to make the interior of the cabinet more concise. At the same time, it has built-in protection function, automatically stop when running out of time, automatically stop when the encoder broken or damaged, absolute encoder communication error, automatic protection over time, over current, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, overload and other protection functions. the above function can greatly prolong the service life of quick door control box, reduce failure.


Different kinds of fast door control box


The control box includes PLC and frequency converter, the brand of PLC has SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI and KEWEI, the brand of frequency converter has SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI and SHIHLIN. The best control box we recommend is servo control system.


To guarantee high speed operation for the fast door, servo system motor drive and servo control box are the best option. It provides great power to ensure stability, safety, low energy consumption: incremental encoder to set up the opening limited height, self malfunction detection program and indicator to eliminate the faulty operation, alert response to speed adjustment to extend the motor life.


The fast door control box has the following external functions:

1. Infrared function: External infrared equipment can be connected to control the rapid opening of the door and prevent the door from falling to hit people;

2. Radar equipment: for sensing the approaching, control the door to open;

3. Geomagnetic function: Used for vehicles induction,in common is the induction forklift, the door will automatically open when the forklift approaching the door

4, manual emergency stop: for special cases, make the door stop at a certain position;

5. Power off regularly;


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