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What role do high speed doors play in warehouse

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What role do high speed doors play in warehouse


There are two main types of Master Well high speed doors: high speed PVC door and aluminum high speed spiral door. These two doors are made of different materials. One is PVC and the other is aluminum alloy with foaming or hollow. They both have the functions of saving energy, preventing insects, dust, wind, moisture, fire, static electricity and strong light. The door panel of aluminum high speed spiral door is filled with foam, so it also has the functions of cold and heat preservation.


The common colors of PVC door curtain include orange, blue, gray, red, white, transparent and colorless, and the thickness is mainly 0.8mm and 1.2mm. Master Well PVC material still has high softness at low temperature, easy access to personnel, vehicles and articles, good barrier effect, prevention of cold air loss, low cost, strong acid and alkali resistance, heavy pressure resistance, anti-static, impact resistance, anti pulling force, anti-aging, good transmittance, long service life and so on.


The main role of high speed doors in warehouse is like below:


1. It can effectively isolate temperature, heat insulation, insects, reduce noise and smell, block the indoor, reduce energy consumption and keep the indoor working environment clean.

2. Strong sealing: the synthetic material guide rail and the door body closely fit in case of wind pressure. The bottom of the door body is equipped with a weighted air barrier cloth, which can closely fit on the uneven ground to ensure the sealing of the door body.

3. The size of the door can be adjusted according to the size of on-site installation. Windows can be added to PVC fast doors to increase indoor lighting and transparency.

4. Safety: infrared safety protection device and airbag protection device are adopted.

5. Operating system: button, pull rope, remote control, photoelectric, radar, geomagnetic ring, manual in case of power failure.


If insect control effect is required, the orange door curtain is used to prevent insects and flies, which emits special light waves to drive insects away. It is suitable for food processing plants, fresh instrument processing centers, beverage factories, etc.

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