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What does anodized glass garage door look like?

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What does anodized glass garage door look like?

core world: Aluminum glass garage door

Aluminum alloy glass garage door as steel foam garage door extension version, is the rising star of the garage door industry in recent years. Its overall structure is similar to that of the steel foam door, but the material of the door surface is different from that of the foam garage door. The door body of aluminum alloy glass garage door is mainly made of aluminum alloy profiles. There are various kinds of glass embedded between the profiles, and the glass is pressed with inlaid strips, which is strong and beautiful. In order to improve the characteristics of aluminum alloy profile, we can provide anodized aluminum alloy profile to produce aluminum alloy glass garage door. Next we will introduce the anodized aluminum alloy glass door in detail.


Anodized aluminum alloy profile characteristics

1) The surface of aluminum alloy will be oxidized to form a relatively dense oxide film

In the production process, in order to make the oxidation more complete, the aluminum alloy surface can be formed into oxide film by electrolysis. The metal oxide film changes the surface state and performance, makes the aluminum alloy profile more corrosion resistant, can resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali substances, and extends the service life of the aluminum profile.

2) Improve the decoration of aluminum alloy profiles

According to customers' different requirements, we can use the oxidation coloring technology on the basis of the original silver color to make it into a variety of colors, such as golden, yellow, brown, red and so on.

3) Provide adhesion of coating

Through anodizing treatment, the micro-pores on the surface of aluminum profiles are opened, so that the organic dyes can better bond with the coating surface. Finally, the surface properties of aluminum profiles will be more stable through hole sealing.

4) Provide aluminum insulation

After anodizing, a protective film is formed on the surface of the aluminum alloy, which is a new insulating material, making it not conductive.

5) Improve the mechanical properties of aluminum profiles

Through anodizing treatment, the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy profiles can be improved and its hardness can be enhanced.


Anodized aluminum alloy garage door is beautiful in design

Anodized aluminum profiles can be molded into different colors, white, black, brown, yellow, etc. The sprayed surface is smoother and more beautiful. At the same time, anodized aluminum alloy garage door can also be matched with different glass, such as 3mm PC board, 4mm PC board, 5mm tempered glass, 3+3mm silk glass, 4+4mm laminated glass, 4+6+4mm insulating glass. Customers can choose their own design.


Anodized aluminum alloy garage door can open small door

In order not to hinder the car back and forth, aluminum alloy garage door can open small door.In this way, it is convenient for people to open the small door to enter and exit, making the actual life and work more efficient and convenient.


The garage door with motor use, you can achieve blue-tooth control, wall switch control, remote control. This kind of garage door is not recommended manual, need to configure the use of motor. The motor can be equipped with infrared, when the garage door is blocked can rebound, to ensure personal safety.And motor configuration of the garage door more fashion sense of science and technology. 

Anodized aluminum alloy garage door shelf life is guaranteed

Complete sets of aluminum alloy garage doors need hardware accessories. These hardware accessories are relatively flexible and can be easily disassembled. These hardware accessories are relatively flexible and can be easily disassembled.They are also easier to maintain because of their high wear resistance.In addition to the electronic part of the shelf life of 1 year, other hardware parts of the shelf life of 5 years.


Anodized aluminum alloy garage door configuration particularity

The configuration of our aluminium alloy garage door is more exquisite than average garage door. Generally, it will be equipped with safety Bottom Bracket and spring Anti-Break, which can make users feel safer and more assured in the use process.

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