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What are the Advantages of High Speed PVC Self Repairing Zipper Doors?

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What are the Advantages of High Speed PVC Self Repairing Zipper Doors?

High speed PVC self repairing zipper doors, refers to the speed of more than 1.5 meters per second of the door, is a rapid lifting barrier isolation door. The main function is fast isolation, so as to ensure the air quality of the workshop to maintain dust-free level. High-speed automatic switch radar control system applies infrared sensor system, which can be installed on both sides or one side. When sensing moving objects, the fast door will automatically bounce to open direction in case of damage. This can save energy for users, also improve operating efficiency and create a better operating environment. It is widely used in food, chemical, textile, storage and other places because it meets the requirements of heat preservation, cold preservation, insect prevention, wind prevention and dust prevention in logistics and clean places.


Master Well self repaired PVC door means that if door curtains come off of their track (for example, in the event of impact with a forklift), the system will automatically guide the curtain back into the track on the next cycle.


Here are the advantages of high speed PVC self repairing zipper doors.


High sealing performance:

The combination of zipper technology and curtain rail technology makes the zipper door possible with high sealing performance. This performance maximizes energy efficiency. In the meantime, the self-repairing function of the zipper door also greatly reduces the maintenance cost. When the door by the impact and dislocation occurs, the derailing repair system starts automatically, without any manual and automatic reset to its original state force to effectively reduce maintenance time and saving cost.

The bottom end is equipped with elastic PVC base cloth, which can be closely combined with various uneven ground to reach the standard of ten thousand level, and both sides of the door post are equipped with sealing brush or rubber sealing strip, which can reduce noise and increase sealing effect.


Keep Employees Safer:

There are many reasons why factories use high speed PVC self-repairing zipper doors to segregate areas of their facilities. Some areas work with corrosive or noxious materials. In others, employees produce sparks while welding. Still in others, extreme heat or cold is necessary. Quick operation, strong seals, and durable materials keep employees and visitors safe.

The curtains are soft, light and elastic. Because the door curtain has no rigid parts, damage and injury after collisions are reduced. On rigid style doors, transparent panels limit vehicle collisions when entering and exiting.


Durability performance:

The design of high speed PVC self repairing zipper doors enables the service life much more longer than normal high speed PVC door. And it reduces the use of materials, easy to wear and the strong and flexible curtain is very durable.

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