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How can high speed pvc self repairing zipper door repair itself?

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How can high speed pvc self repairing zipper door repair itself?

High speed pvc self repairing zipper door is a fast door option for frequent use of small and medium-sized indoor applications. The extreme high opening/closing speed and sealing performance improve the logistics efficiency, and prevent dust, moisture and dirt into the indoor effectively, with insulation against cold, wind, insect, moisture, dust, odor, lighting; also it provides a comfortable working environment. In addition, the most significant advantage is that it has anti-collision function, which depends on its special structure.


The structure of the door

The flexible high speed pvc self repairing zipper door for indoors use, comes with no rigid elements but a perimeter structure, which made of entirely stainless steel material. Characterized by Stainless Steel frame and designed to avoid the collecting of liquid, dust or any impurity on the frame, this door is washable in all parts respecting the hygienic restrictions of the field. And it is extremely resistant to oxidation.


Door equipped with the unique door blade are made of PVC material with different colors. The absence of rigid elements inside the curtain, resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door, photocells and barriers make the operation both safe and durable, The wrapping of the curtain is granted by the progressive rolling up of the horizontal shaft.


Opening and closing operations are granted thanks to a gear motor vertically placed on one side. For the installation the door needs a wall support able to grant a wall by means of screw anchors.


Also, the pvc self repairing high speed door is the most reliable and secure solution, for the separation of two adjoining rooms. The curtain is delivered without any rigid elements and the side guides are designed such in a way to allow the curtain leaking in case of impact and its reintroduction at the rest opening process. All the doors are provided with sheet self-repairing system; And in case of impact with the base sheet, the sheet returns in to the side rails and the door resumes operation after it is rolled up. The door that after a bump restores itself automatically at the first opening cycle.


Our zipper door

Master Well can produce high speed pvc self repairing zipper door with a maximum size of W 4000mm x H 4000mm, PVC curtain thickness is between 0.8mm - 1.5mm, the wear coefficient is very high, the color is also optional of orange, yellow, blue, silver, black, red, transparent mesh and more can be selected. The lightweight PVC material, which is not easy to fade, can make the zipper door curtain still beautiful and not aging in the wind and sun. The other important characteristic is that the sheet has no horizontal stiffeners, minimizing the effects of possible impacts with people. Because of its feature, the damage will be restricted to the canvas of the door, which is easier and cost effctive to repair.


This door is ideal for indoor spaces, like factories, workshops and warehouses in food, chemical, textile, refrigeration, electronics, printing, supermarket, assembly, precision machinery, logistics, auto parts, storage and other industries, where there is a higher chance of crashes. Welcome your call.

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