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Why did you choose the high speed door?

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Why did you choose the high speed door?

High-speed doors are widely used in automobile dealers, food processing plants and semiconductor manufacturing plants.Their unique construction and operation enable them to meet the specific needs of customers.

Reduced Loss of Heating and Cooling

There are four main features to improving energy efficiency.

  • Quick opening and closing

  • Wind resistance

  • Tight seal

  • Durability

High speed doors are well sealed to keep hot and cold.Rapid opening and closing of the circulation limits the escape of hot and cold air.Their durability comes from designs that are more damage-resistant than traditional doors.Traditional door problems, such as bent slats, allow heat and cold to escape.Some high performance doors have a wind resistance of several miles per hour.This feature is useful for preventing cold winds from affecting warmer areas.

Doors can also be fitted with insulated curtains to limit condensation and icing.This is especially important in the dealer service area, where customers drive directly from the outside into the service area.Cars go in and out of the service area all day, even in bad weather.

Increased Security

Standard high speed doors have built-in safety features.Their fast open/close times reduce the risk of employees entering unauthorized areas.Solid structural doors made of solid aluminum bars for external use.They are ubiquitous in car dealerships, hotels and convention centers.

Some doors have no rubber gaskets between the slats.This eliminates invasion by cutting them open.Intruders can't get through the slats, which means they stay outside, where they belong.

Make employees safer

There are many reasons for enterprises to use high-speed door in the isolation facility area.Corrosive or toxic substances are used in some areas.At other companies, workers spark when they weld.

In other places, extreme heat or low temperatures are also necessary.Fast operation, strong sealing, durable materials, to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.

The door itself is flexible.Because the door curtain has no rigid parts, it reduces the damage after collision.On rigid doors, transparent panels limit collisions as vehicles move in and out.

Some doors have intuitive signaling technology that can warn employees to approach vehicles from the opposite side.

Cost Savings

A 2m high standard shutter door opens and closes in 11 seconds.A high speed safety door, in the same opening, opens and closes in 2 seconds.This increased speed saves many costs, as shown below:

u Reduce workers' compensation costs due to door injuries

u Reduced the cost of heating and air conditioning

u Reduce collision repair costs


Airflow Prevention

In some businesses, such as those that need to clean their rooms, air circulation is key.Dust and debris in the air can disrupt the production of certain products.They can also damage heating and cooling systems.

High speed doors control airflow and reduce risk.Airlocks are formed when used in pairs in pressure-sensitive environments.

Hygiene standards are another reason to control airflow in operations such as food processing.Food production facilities use high-performance screens to separate waste disposal areas from assembly lines.

Increased Productivity

Fast open/close cycle for high speed doors, saving time and increasing productivity.Products, equipment, and people can be easily moved around your facility.

Material handling and transportation is a priority business, relying on batch processing and smooth logistics flow.High performance doors maximize the productivity of these enterprises.

High speed doors also work well at car dealers.Customers are impressed when a stall door opens many times faster than a traditional one.The faster customers park in the service area, the faster they can start their busy day.



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