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Where to buy a high speed spiral door?

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Where to buy a high speed spiral door?

High speed spiral door is a new metal industrial door, which is used to keep warm, energy-efficient,  efficient, anti-wind, the highest opening speed can up to 2m/s, apply to high frequented logistics channel. Economical and efficient, the High Speed Spiral sectional door, with electromechanical drive, is designed for industrial, continuous use even under the most difficult conditions and to operate continuously with minimal maintenance.

And with its rigid, aluminum-slat construction, it eliminates any need for a second, overnight security door. Not to mention that its crisp lines give it a stylish look that’s great for all kinds of commercial and institutional, as well as industrial applications. Then, Where to buy a high speed spiral door?


At present, the manufacturers of such products in the world includes Hörmann & Efaflex, both quality is reliable, but the construction period is too long, the price is relatively high, and the after-sales maintenance is not necessarily timely or the maintenance cost is too high. As a well-known brand in China, Master Well is a good choice for everyone. It is a modern door company who integrating design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Through years of continuous accumulation, it has formed an excellent reputation in the industry. With its exquisite craftsmanship and reliable quality, it is ahead of domestic similar products and exported to more than 120 countries and regions.


High Performance

Master Well hard fast door is the globally unique result under innovation and creative approach to the last est technology. With spiral round non-contact the sectional curtains connect with each other when roll up, the curtain material won't wear, distort and run fast without noise.

It can open and close automatically by your choice of floor loop, photo eyes or motion detector, improving traffic flow and efficiency.


Speed and Security

With an opening speed of up to 2m per second, the Spiral improves traffic flow in high-paced production and warehousing environments. An interior door, it also offers the security of a rigid door for applications such as clean rooms and other modern production environments, and its top-to-bottom full-width window slats give it an extra measure of safety at the threshold. The infrared radiation sensor is installed on both sides of the door body. When the door body falls, the person or cargo stays below, and the door body automatically rises. In order to make the safety better, the airbag is installed in the lower part of the door body, and the door body automatically rebounds. To ensure the safety of people and prevent damage to objects. Not to mention a sharp, hi-tech look. All of which promote an enviable image of cutting-edge operations.


Drive Motor System

Consists of the motor brake, motors with reducers. Most of the high speed spiral doors use the brake geared motors, to meet the high speed door requirement of fast braking and low noise.


Control System

The most commonly used control unit is an integrated circuit board consisting of PLC/inverter/encoder or with its own IPM module. Most of the control systems used by the manufacturers are PLC/inverter/encoder. Master Well selected imported brands such as Mitsubishi and Siemens. 

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