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Differences between high speed pvc door and high speed spiral door?

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Differences between high speed pvc door and high speed spiral door?

The definition of high speed door is divided into two kinds: high speed spiral door and high speed PVC door. Among them, high speed spiral door is what we often call the hard fast rolling door. Hard fast rolling door is also known as aluminum alloy fast door, belongs to metal fast door, it has the characteristics of reliability, practicability, and easy to operate. High speed PVC doors and hard fast doors both have fast landing functions, which have good dust-proof and thermal insulation effect. So what's the difference between high speed PVC doors and high speed spiral doors?    


High speed PVC door

High Speed PVC door belongs to barrier-free isolation door with fast lifting. Its main function is to ensure the dust-free air quality of workshop. Curtain of high speed PVC doors is made of PVC double-coated base cloth, thickness is 0.8—1.2mm with high wear resistance, colors like transparent, white, gray, orange, yellow, blue and other colors are available. High speed PVC doors require 0.8-2.0 m/s open speed (adjustable) to ensure fast, efficient and energy saving. Both high speed PVC door and High speed spiral door( have many functions, such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect prevention, wind protection, dust prevention, etc. They can meet the needs of high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy, high-speed automatic closure, improve operation efficiency, and the door body can be used as a perspective effect.


High Speed Spiral door

High speed spiral door is known as aluminum alloy hard fast door, it belongs to the metal fast door with theft-proof and high temperature partition.Hard fast-rolling door frame can be divided into two kinds: galvanized steel door frame and stainless steel door frame. The door panels of hard fast rolling door is made of aluminum alloy profiles. It is filled with thermal insulation material, which has good thermal insulation function and anti-theft function.So hard fast door costs more than ordinary high speed PVC door. The door panels of high speed spiral door are not wrapped in one axis, but through the spiral guide to save space to maintain a certain distance between the door panels. Generally speaking, the life span of high speed spiral door is more than ten years, and the starting frequency can reach 1.5 million times. Its opening speed can reach more than 2.5m/s, which is very suitable for high-frequency quick on-off isolation.

The overall appearance is equipped with concave and convex stripes, giving people a luxurious feeling, with novel, bright, clean and elegant visual effect. Extra-thick profiles, reinforce design,  the rigidity is several times larger than the vertical and horizontal of ordinary PVC doors, enhance the heat preservation, anti-theft, wind resistance and stability of impact resistance.

Overall, both doors have high efficiency, transparent windows can be made in the middle, and visibility can be achieved in workshop operation. They are widely used in food, medicine, electronic factory and other industries. Also the difference is on the blew:


1. The material of high speed pvc door is PVC, which is not anti-theft; Hard fast-rolling door is made of aluminium alloy composite door plate. It is durable and has good thermal insulation.

2. Fast PVC doors are lifted by one axis, high speed spiral doors are lifted by turbines, because of their radioactive design, the speed of hard fast door is two times faster than ordinary PVC fast door.

3. The cost of high speed PVC door is relatively low, hard fast door has good anti-theft performance, the overall appearance can better reflect the value of the product.

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