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Which areas are high-speed doors usually used in?

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Which areas are high-speed doors usually used in?

High speed doors have been popular in many countries for many years. Especially for production-oriented enterprises, there must be a high speed door between the workshop and the workshop. It is suitable for food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical, automotive, textile, logistics and other fields.


Food, clean, and pharmaceutical processes:

If it is a food or pharmaceutical company, it is mandatory by the government. It must be separated by a high speed door to prevent secondary pollution. Just as it is mandatory in China to install certain fire doors in certain industries (whether you are willing or not), the factory has to be put into production, no fire door acceptance will pass, and the factory cannot start.

Chemical Factory:

Design requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment are dispensed by ATEX legislation, which reports the levels of the electrical standard requirements complying conservative prescriptions. In places where men work with highly volatile and flammable products, the best advice is to rely on a manufacturer of rapid flexible doors, guaranteed and reliable.


Beverage industry:

Some factories that make drinks are also needed. Like coconut juice, cola, the production process needs to be sterilized, and the temperature difference is small. Pressure and temperature differences can easily be controlled by an airlock where the transporter enters the airlock, and the one door cannot be operated before the other has closed. This is also used in security applications.


Car manufacturing industry:

The automotive industry is an industry where high-speed doors are well known. High volumes of cars are produced in short periods of time. High-speed doors are vital for the logistics processes, high speed and low maintenance ensures optimum production. Special high-speed folding doors are used on the dynamo tuning cells.



High-speed doors may increase the efficiency of many companies. High opening speeds minimize the waiting time in front of the doors and thus accelerate the logistic processes, and control temperatures and pressure differences while saving energy, isolating clean areas from airborne contamination but still optimizing traffic flow.



Refrigerators require an easy transfer between different zones of temperature and humidity. High-speed doors work in order to best ensure the most comprehensive maintenance of temperature in a refrigerator through the latest technologies available. The easy temperature transition from zone to zone is blocked by technologies designed for this sector. In this case is very important the flexibility and rapidity of high-speed doors.


Supermarket Sector:

Rapid doors for food businesses provide the minimum requirements of hygiene and protection of unauthorized personnel, as for example in a supermarket. Since it is quite likely that in the area next to the door we can find unauthorized and untrained customers.


Hangar Zone:

With large openings where high-speed doors work in airports and naval ports it is required to provide an easy, quick and safe passage from inside to outside, and vice versa. Although the deposits of naval vessels are a very difficult environment to operate, places where the service of maintenance to ships or insurance protection from the sea can be requested at any time.


High performance doors offer faster operating speeds, more durability, are longer-lasting, more reliable, have greater impact ability, superior safety features, and lower long-term maintenance cost of ownership. Please give us a call today to check out the Master Well!

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