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What are the High Speed PVC Roll up Doors Kits?

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High Speed PVC Roll up Doors

High speed PVC roll up doors are doors that run at speed of more than 0.6 meters per second, also as the barrier-free isolation door that operates with high speed. This kind of accurately positioned industrial door is designed for the rapid flow of materials (to shorten the time of entry and exit). It is mostly used in places with high environmental requirements such as food, electronics, pharmaceuticals and printing industries. The greatest advantage of the high speed PVC roll up door is the quick isolation ability from inside and outside, which ensures the air quality and working temperature of the workshop, in a fast, safe and reliable way. With the rapid development of the high speed door, more and more people are paying attention to its kits.


The high speed PVC roll up doors are mainly composed of a door frame system, a curtain system, a drive motor, a control system and a safety system.


Frame system:

consists of shaft cover, side tracks, control box, accessories, etc. The main materials used by Master Well are made of galvanized steel, #304 stainless steel or aluminum alloy.


Curtain system: 

mainly use combination of PVC fabric and aluminum alloy profiles. The curtain material is generally made of PVC as the curtain fabric. It has good anti-aging performance, also not easy to fade with self-cleaning function. It is very suitable option for high speed PVC roll up doors. The thickness is 0.8mm - 1.5mm. The color range includes orange, yellow, blue, silver, transparent grid, black, etc. Orange is preferred because the orange is very eye-catching, which can stimulate the insect's perception, with a special insect-proof function.


Drive motor system:

consists of the motor brake, motors with reducers. Most of the High speed PVC roll up doors  use the brake geared motors, to meet the high speed door requirement of fast braking and low noise. The speed ratio of 1:10-1:15 is more suitable, which is a brand-new control method. When the operation stops, the doors don’t need any extra brake, also the operation noise is further lowered.


Control system: 

The most commonly used control unit is an integrated circuit board consisting of PLC/inverter/encoder or with its own IPM module. Most of the control systems used by the manufacturers are PLC/inverter/encoder. Master Well selected imported brands such as Mitsubishi and Siemens.


Safety system: 

The main safety device used is the infrared sensor, safety air pressure sensor or light curtain system; light curtain system is the highest level of safety protection. Lifting speed: 0.8m/s-1.5m/s, generally from bottom to top in about 2 seconds (The speed is 20 times that of the electric shutter.), that vehicles and pedestrians do not have to wait with safety devices.


Multiple ways to trigger the door opening signal: manual button, radar sensor, infrared photoelectric sensor, geomagnetic sensor, remote control, etc.


Different from normal steel gate, the high speed PVC roll up door is very fast, cannot be started and stopped directly; therefore, a frequency inverter is required to control the speed of the motor. The faster the rising, the better. When it is in place (about 20cm away), a deceleration stop process is needed to prevent the impact on tracks, also can prevent pinching and reduce noise. This is also a standard to weigh performance of fast roll door. Master Well's products welcome your inspection.

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