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Do high speed self repairing zipper doors have a window?

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Do high speed self repairing zipper doors have a window?

High speed self repairing zipper door is designed for high use doorways where a barrier is required for hygiene, safety, or temperature control without inhibiting operational efficiency. The high speed operation of up to 1.5 meters per second helps control hygiene and temperature by ensuring that the openings are kept sealed for as much of the time as possible. It is high-speed flexible doors, with a perimeter structure in galvanized or stainless steel, which is ideal for rolling up pvc panels. High-quality panels, resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door, sensors, photocells and safety barriers make this product both safe and durable, and self-repairing. The pvc curtain rides effortlessly within a track, thanks to the special structure of the inner side track designed by us, requiring low maintenance. The curtain is rolled up on a shaft within the upper cover box. For its structure, many people care about is whether it comes with visual windows.


If a small window for vision is installed, people can clearly see the inside and outside of the door without opening the door, which means that the frequency of doors operation is reduced, meanwhile the indoor environment is protected, and energy is effectively saved. Moreover, timely detection of the situation can also avoid unnecessary accidents and protect personnel safety. Therefore, people usually want to be able to install a window on the curtain of high speed self repairing zipper doors.

The curtain material is generally made of PVC as the curtain fabric. It has good anti-aging performance, also not easy to fade with self-cleaning function. It is the very suitable option for self repairing zipper doors. The thickness is 0.8mm - 1.5mm. The color range includes orange, yellow, blue, silver, transparent grid, black, etc. Orange is preferred because the orange is very eye-catching, which can stimulate the insect's perception, with a special insect-proof function. The material of the visible window is also PVC, and the color can be chosen to be transparent. A thickness of 1.5 mm PVC curtain can be selected. Square windows are used the most. The size of the high speed self repairing zipper door is customizable according to the size of the door opening. If you need to install a visible window, you need to determine the length and width of the visible window, and the location of the installation, to make sure the type is right for your installation site.


Master Well doors feature a self-repairing and anti-crash feature to greatly reduce the costs associated with damage from forklifts and other traffic. The innovative zipper self-repairing system allows the curtain to automatically reinsert itself after a collision, with no requirement for an engineer. Additionally, the flexible bottom edge and the fact there are no metal bars in the curtain guarantee the safety of operation, to avoid damage of people and properties. Welcome your inquiry!

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