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How to Choose an Ideal Industrial Door?

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How to Choose an Ideal Industrial Door?

The rapid development of modern industry, in order to adapt to the development of industry, customers have higher requirements for industrial doors. According to the different needs of different industrial doors, let's analyze it in detail:


Principles of choosing sectional industrial doors

First, the principle of practicality: the so-called practicality means that the door can meet the actual needs. These doors have a variety of models, specifications, and functions, and the applicability of each door is different. From a practical point of view, configuration is to consider both performance and savings for users.

Second, the principle of integrity: integrity is the system to consider the entire process when configuring the door, in the door type, quantity, carton and other aspects of a reasonable mix. The speed, airtightness, service life, safety, reliability, convenience of maintenance, operation cost, and noise impact of the door must be considered carefully.

Third, safety principle: Safety refers to setting up safety devices according to site conditions. Safety is the heaviest in actual production. Doors are used as entrances and exits, and they are used frequently. Various hidden safety hazards also exist. Therefore, the safety of doors is also very important. 

Fourth, the selection of the door control method is also an important factor that determines the efficiency of a channel. It is considered that in the passage of this door, if the opening and closing of the door is controlled, at the same time, the smooth and efficient passage of the door is guaranteed, and the safety and convenience of operation are also guaranteed. And sometimes it is necessary to consider the linkage function between them, etc. Only by meeting the objective actual door opening and closing control requirements and configuring a control system that meets the requirements of the logistics process, can the industrial door be brought into full play.

Fifth, the variety of the industrial door. There are many types of doors. It is very necessary to understand the project plan and determine the nature of the project. The nature of the project determines the scheme of the technological process, such as determining whether the project is a production workshop or a logistics center; a food project or a pharmaceutical project; a large-scale airport, cold storage, parking lot and other different types of projects. Understanding these conditions is critical to understanding production and storage environment requirements. Because these factors directly determine the form, size, door opening and closing speed, frequency of use, sealing performance, thermal insulation performance and so on.


Let's introduce the types of industrial doors we can usually provide.


  1.  Sectional Industrial Door: We are a professional manufacturer of this type of sectional door, and this door has been made very mature. It is a professional industrial exterior door, mainly used in industrial workshops and logistics buildings. The door can meet the needs of insulation, sealing, high-frequency door opening, long service life, professional control, and high safety factor.

  2. Rolling shutter door: The industrial rolling shutter door that our company can provide, mainly aluminum rolling and aluminum hollow profile rolling door, has a certain thermal insulation effect, but the thermal insulation ability is not very strong. It is mainly used in industrial doors with smaller door sizes, and it is mainly used in shop doors with less frequent use.

  3. Industrial high speed door: This is a faster and more efficient industrial door. It is mainly used in the connection passages of rapid logistics and industrial plants to block the air flow to ensure that the environment of a specific unit meets the standard. The main industrial quick doors we can provide are Spiral high speed doors and PVC high speed doors. The hard quick doors are mainly used outdoors, and the PVC quick doors are mainly used indoors. The main feature of their doors is that they are fast and efficient, and are also adapted The need for rapid economic development.

  4. Industrial folding door: It is suitable for large and wide industrial doors. It does not occupy the head space. The ground rail is directly installed on the ground to save installation space. It is also an industrial door with a high degree of automation.

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