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The frosted glass of aluminium alloy glass door

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The frosted glass of aluminium alloy glass door

Frosted glass is your best choice for high-end and private use.The aluminium alloy glass door alloy vitreous door has ground arenaceous material, its can assure your privacy, the union of ground arenaceous glass and aluminium alloy, the structure of the frame, will satisfy you more easily to decorate the perfect match of desire, once such garage door is installed in your home, can bring you the surprise that expect is less than immediately.

Combination with aluminium alloy glass door

Aluminium alloy adds the union of ground glass, rely on the property with solid aluminium alloy, make garage door more solid and durable.Besides, they are highly reliable because they look great and elegant.Can customize different colors and shapes to beautify your home.

The combination of the design feeling of the frame structure and frosted glass enhances the overall appearance and design feeling of the garage door. The modern design concept makes the combination of aluminum alloy and frosted glass more beautiful.Reveal master's reason and aesthetic.

Frosted glass features

Privacy protection: provides protection for privacy while allowing light to radiate on all smooth glass surfaces; privacy protection index: Top privacy window film (suitable for privacy such as office, bedroom and living room, also ideal for the bathroom).

Non-adhesive: Non-adhesive and environmentally friendly design, avoids the release of chemicals; static adhesion, can be applied in minutes (instructions [cannot guarantee English language] printed on the inside of the cardboard packaging). Note: The more water on the glass surface, the easier it is to apply.

Energy-saving: it retains warmth in winter and stays cool in summer, reduces heat transfer and blocks 96% of UV rays, protecting your skin from harmful radiation and reducing fading and ageing of furniture.

How to maintain frosted glass?

1.Minor stains and finger marks can be removed with equal amounts of vinegar and water.

2.More firm trace, can use special glass cleaner to get rid of.

3. Patterned and carved glass can be cleaned with a very soft brush.The printing material on the newspaper contains solvents that can be used to remove stains from Windows.

When wiping glass, usable half vinegar adds half water to mix evenly, put in spray pot inside, gush on glass follow gush follow with newspaper group polish.Or brush glass with wet cloth first, dip a bit of white wine with clean wet cloth next, brush hard on glass slightly, after wiping glass not only clean and bright.On glass besmeared water of chalk ash or gesso powder first, dry hind is wiped with cloth, can wipe glass clean. 

Glass is used to let sunlight into our homes, but it allows us to be transparent while protecting our privacy.If you have enough creativity, can this kind of ground glass and aluminum alloy material union, make your garage design has modern feeling more.Choose aluminium alloy glass door, you might as well try to grind arenaceous glass to pledge!

Choose aluminum alloy garage door, choose frosted glass aluminum alloy garage door

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