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Steel VS Aluminum Garage Doors

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Steel VS Aluminum Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are the first choice of more and more residential houses, commercial shops and high-end villas. It’s very popular with its beautiful appearance, easy opening & closing, convenience of use, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection, as well as durable service. In terms of material, there are mainly two kinds: steel foaming sectional garage door and aluminum transparent sectional garage door. The question is when you can choose steel garage doors? When it’s better to choose aluminum transparent overhead garage doors?


Aluminum Alloy Transparent Sectional Garage Door

The aluminum garage door is made of extruded aluminum with PC sheet, tempered glass. Long-lasting perspective makes such aluminum glass sectional garage door maximum daylighting. For aluminum profiles, we have anodized or powder coated in white or brown or black. For insert sheet, we have 3mm/4mm full vision PC, 3mm/4mm frosted PC, 5mm full vision glass, 5mm frosted glass, 8mm laminated glass. With the different styles and designs, the aluminum glass garage door reveals the individuality of the characteristic architecture. It’s more widely applied in commercial shops and high-level villas. With PU foaming inside, the aluminum glass doors also have a good property of heat insulation. A small door is available to be added for personal access, practical and safe.


Steel PU Foaming Sectional Garage Door

Steel sectional garage door is mainly made of galvanized steel with PU foaming inside. The thickness of sectional panel is 40mm and 50mm, with density of 43-45 KG/M3, very strong. The steel-foaming-steel sandwich panel not only has the feature of durability, but also has the good property of thermal insulation for sound proof. Noise insulation and energy saving are very important to today’s owners. In addition, the color of steel garage door is bright, beautiful, simple and generous; and the panel designs are diversified. Therefore, it’s widely used in residential buildings. Visible windows are available on the panels if the owners need to increase the indoor lighting.


The Combination of Steel Garage Door Panel & Aluminum Garage Door Panel

It’s more practical when the steel foamed garage door panel and aluminum transparent garage door panel are combined. With steel foaming panels, it can guarantee the door more stable; with transparent panel, it provides more daylighting to indoor. More durability and better lighting make the combined sectional doors one of the most popular garage doors.


How to Choose Steel Sectional Garage Door or Aluminum Glass Sectional Garage Door?

Whether it’s steel sectional garage door or aluminum transparent garage door, they are developed according to the customers’ demands. If you need the sectional garage door with high strength, heat insulation, noise insulation and good tightness, you can choose steel garage door with cheaper price; if you need the sectional garage door with better perspective and more daylight, you can pay more to choose the aluminum sectional glass overhead garage doors. It’s important to choose the best solution based on the installation environment and users’ preferences.

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