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Different motor system of hard fast doors?

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Different motor system of hard fast doors?

Hard fast door, also known as high speed aluminum spiral door, is a new type of metal quick door with anti-theft and high temperature partition. It is reliable, practical and easy to operate. This kind of accurately positioned industrial door is designed for the rapid flow of materials (to shorten the time of entry and exit). The greatest advantage of the high speed aluminum spiral door is the quick isolation ability from inside and outside, which ensures the air quality and working temperature of the workshop, in a fast, safe and reliable way. The high speed aluminum spiral doors are mainly composed of a Door frame system, Curtain mechanism, Drive motor system, Control system, Security system, and Lifting mechanism. 


It is very important to choose the motor system

Motor and electronic control are the cores that can be quickly and frequently opened by hard fast doors. When choosing, you must choose the ones that are suitable for hard fast doors. For example, the most popular one is the servo system, which is used to accurately follow or reproduce some Process feedback control system. The servo system was originally used for defense military, such as the control of artillery, the automatic driving of ships and aircraft, and later gradually extended to many departments of the national economy, such as automatic machine tools, aluminum alloy fast doors, wireless tracking control. It has some advantages that cannot be ignored.

(1) No brushes and commutators, so reliable operation and low maintenance and maintenance requirements.

(2) The stator winding heat dissipation is convenient.

(3) The inertia is small, which is easy to improve the rapidity of the system.

(4) Adapted to high speed and large torque working conditions.

(5) It has a small volume and weight under the same power and is easy to install.


SEW modular system for AC motors offers millions of possible drive combinations. And they’re available worldwide because our AC motors meet all the requirements of efficiency classes up to IE4 and cover a power range from 0.75 kW to 5.5 kW. The modular system offers a wide range of brakes, encoders, plug connectors, forced cooling fans, special coatings and surface treatments to choose from to implement the drive that optimally suits your specific application.


In addition, there are Siemens motor and domestic motor for you to choose, these systems after years of continuous exploration, has been very stable.


Master Well hard fast door is the globally unique result under innovation and creative approach to the last est technology. With spiral round non-contact the sectional curtains connect with each other when roll up, the curtain material won't wear, distort and run fast without noise. With an opening speed of up to 2m per second, the Spiral improves traffic flow in high-paced production and warehousing environments. An interior door, it also offers the security of a rigid door for applications such as clean rooms and other modern production environments, and its top-to-bottom full-width window slats give it an extra measure of safety at the threshold. The infrared radiation sensor is installed on both sides of the door body. When the door body falls, the person or cargo stays below, and the door body automatically rises. To ensure the safety of people and prevent damage to objects. All of which promote an enviable image of cutting-edge operations.

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