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4 Tips for choosing the right hard fast door?

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4 Tips for choosing the right hard fast door?

With the development of industrial informatization, more and more excellent performance and higher operation speed are required for the facility and factory doors; Also it has triggered the rapid rise of the aluminum spiral door industry. Due to the wide variety of products on the market, the quality is uneven. And in response to this mixed situation, Master Well analyze the trick of choosing the aluminum spiral door from a professional perspective.


1. Core components of Motor and electronic control system.

Motor and electronic control are the core parts that can be quickly and frequently opened by hard fast doors. When making the decision, you must choose the very option that are suitable for hard fast doors. For example, the most popular one is the servo system, which is used to accurately follow or reproduce Process feedback control system. The servo system was originally used for defense military, such as the control of artillery, the automatic driving of ships and aircraft, and later gradually extended to many departments of the national economy, such as automatic machine tools, aluminum alloy fast doors, wireless tracking control.


2.  Turbine lifting mechanism.

The turbo lift mechanism of the hard fast doors is another core technology. The first thing to look at is whether the turbine is a twin-turbo lift, ensuring that the lifting method is safe and reliable. Secondly, it depends on the metal material. According to the material analysis, if plastic material is used, once there is a small crack, the whole door will be flawed. Seriously the entire door will fall, and if nylon is used (note: nylon has water permeability), once the water is in, it cannot be discharged. This product is very dangerous if used in the north. Once it reaches the freezing point, it will take the whole. The structure is frozen. In summary, it is recommended that the choice of the turbine lifting mechanism must be made of metal, which is the best for aluminum and is not easy to rust.


3. Aluminum insulated door panel

High speed spiral doors are characterized by high speed and high wind resistance. Good manufacturers can achieve Class 12 of wind resistance and good insulation performance. To achieve this effect, the door panel plays a vital role. How to choose the door panel of the hard fast door?

In order to meet the heat preservation, it is necessary to choose the door panel with the broken bridge heat insulation design. This design is to avoid the heat energy exchange of inside and outside panel. Everyone knows that the metal is very high in thermal conductivity, so on both sides of the door panel must be of broken structure, that the bridge blocks the role of heat exchange. Generally, large factories in domestic market have special production lines for door panels, which meet the requirements of uniform door strength, uniform appearance, and no bumps.

Everyone believes that the thicker the metal on both sides of the door panel, the better. In fact, if the thickness of the door panel exceeds 0.7mm, it may be the outer shell of the aluminum profile. The internal foaming will be done by hand and cannot be uniform, thus causing the door body unstable operation, which is very dangerous for high speed spiral doors.


4. Choose a suitable manufacturer

At present, the manufacturers of such products in the world includes Hörmann & Efaflex, both quality is reliable, but the construction period is too long, and the after-sales maintenance is not necessarily timely or the maintenance cost is too high. As a well-known brand in China, Master Well is a good choice for everyone. It is a modern door company who integrating design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Through years of continuous accumulation, it has formed an excellent reputation in the industry. With its exquisite craftsmanship and reliable quality, it is ahead of domestic similar products and exported to more than 120 countries and regions.

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