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Aluminum alloy glass door filled with foam to achieve a beautiful perspective and thermal insulation

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Aluminum alloy glass door filled with foam to achieve a beautiful perspective and thermal insulation

Foam garage door has the advantages of thermal insulation, by people's favorite, but no perspective of the characteristics, if the aluminum alloy door can fill foam, perfect solution for perspective and thermal insulation are in need of the customer's problem!Aluminum alloy glass doors can be applied to shops, car 4S stores and private villas, but also to increase the perspective, beautiful features.In view of the shop needs to display the characteristics of the climate, the special requirements of the environment, so that people for aluminum alloy glass door thermal insulation, reduce the noise has a demand.

Master Well aluminum glass door features

Aluminum alloy garage door heat preservation is through the aluminum alloy frame of AN5005ZA and AN5081US two models produced by Master Well filled with foaming agent, so as to increase the heat preservation effect on the original frame structure, more suitable for the United States and South Africa.Even when you are in - 20 ℃ can be a very good thermal insulation.

AN5005ZA is composed of aluminum alloy and mirror glass garage door, mirror glass is made of special laminating process of toughened glass, the appearance of no obvious frame structure, the sense of integrity is strong.AN5081US has obvious frame structure, such as chocolate plate like grid, can provide opening door, glass can also choose transparent and frosted, silk and other styles, the color of the outer frame can also be customized according to customer needs.

The principle of polyurethane foaming

Polyurethane foam has strict documentation requirements, usually best temperature in 18 to 25 ℃.Before foaming, The Master Well will clean the dust and oil on the surface of aluminum alloy materials to ensure the complete foaming.Before foaming begins, the aluminum alloy material will be preheated so that the surface of the aluminum alloy material are fully heated evenly.Then adjust the dosage, spray foaming agent on the material, after a period of foaming, fully combined with aluminum alloy.

The benefits of combining polyurethane with aluminum alloy doors

Aluminium alloy glass door is more fashionable than common garage door on the exterior, go up in the structure, also compare common garage door more firm, go up in fittings configuration, aluminium alloy glass door USES the motor that industry configureses and fittings again, go up in safe performance more reliable more safe, the comfortable degree that USES is better also.


The realization of aluminum alloy glass door filling foam

The door plank of aluminium alloy glass door compares common garage door plank to say, insulation sex is opposite poorer, but can make up for this one point through filling foaming.The metallic conductivity of aluminium alloy itself is good, added foaming agent to be able to feel indoor temperature apparently maintain.

After ten years of research and polishing, we have absorbed the defects in foaming and improved our technology, which makes the foaming aluminum alloy glass doors more suitable for customers' aesthetic and thermal insulation needs.Want to have the aluminium alloy garage door that has fashionable aesthetic feeling namely so, want to apply to the cold weather in winter again, choose the aluminium alloy glass door after foaming, can satisfy all imagination to garage door certainly.

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