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Aluminum alloy frosted glass garage door

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Aluminum alloy frosted glass garage door

Garage door has a variety of now, different family can buy the garage door that suits him according to his demand, for example: foaming iron garage door, woodiness garage door, aluminium alloy garage door.Aluminum alloy garage door as the new research and development of the garage door, is a new fashion family choice, aluminum alloy frosted glass garage door not allow other garage doors to ignore, mainly reflected in the following points:

Good light transmission for frosted glass aluminum garage door

With other woodiness garage door and woodiness garage door are compared, door of aluminium alloy garage collocation ground glass surface is coarse, can produce slow reflex, pervious to light not clairvoyant, make indoor light is downy and not dazzling, had very good concealed close effect on certain level.Good light transmittance, mainly used in shopping malls, 4S stores, hotels and other commercial places.And high-end villas can also be used, the atmosphere is beautiful, at the same time, if you feel the privacy is not particularly good, also can be affixed with glass sunscreen glass film.

Beautiful design for Frosted glass aluminum garage door

Considering different customer requirements, besides anodized aluminum alloy profile can be provided, profile profile can also be sprayed into different colors, white, black, brown, yellow, etc., and the surface after the spray is smooth and beautiful.At the same time aluminum alloy garage door can be configured frosted glass, the whole door frame and glass together very beautiful, fashion, atmosphere.

Good Thickness for Frosted glass aluminum garage door

For the usual civil garage door, the design of the garage door aluminum alloy profile thickness is after repeated pressure experiments, safe, guaranteed.

Small passing door is available for Frosted glass aluminum garage door

In order to facilitate the use of real life and work, do not hinder the car back and forth in the case, aluminum alloy frosted glass garage door can open a small door, easy to open a small door in and out, efficient and convenient.

Aluminum alloy frosted glass garage door with motor, can achieve bluetooth control, wall switch control, remote control.Because the weight of the garage door configuration glass is a little heavier, so this kind of garage door is generally not recommended manual, need to configure the motor, motor configuration of the garage door has a certain sense of science and technology fashion.The motor can be equipped with infrared, when the garage door is blocked can rebound, to ensure personal safety.

Complete sets of aluminum alloy frosted glass garage doors need to be configured with hardware accessories.The hardware accessories are relatively flexible and can be disassembled easily. The accessories are highly wear-resistant and easy to maintain. In addition to the electronic part, the warranty period is 1 year, and the warranty period of other hardware parts is 5 years.

Because the aluminum alloy frosted glass garage door body is heavier, the complete set of accessories relative to the ordinary garage door is more secure, general will need to configure steel wire to prevent broken under the support, torsion spring to prevent broken central shaft frame, is in order to better users in the process of use, more safe, more assured.

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