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What are the components of the industrial door motor?

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What are the components of the industrial door motor?


This series of industrial door machines are mainly used for industrial doors with balance springs in workshops, warehouses and logistics centers of factories and mines.

This machine is developed on the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of foreign industrial door machine.

It is compact, safe and reliable, and easy to use.Please read this manual carefully before installation and follow the instructions for installation and operation.


1. Main technical parameters


Type no






input voltage






pull-in torque






no-load speed






Hand chain form

auto-manual system 

normal formula

auto-manual system

Maximum limit travel

Turn the output shaft 28 times

Output shaft aperture


environmental conditions

-20℃ ~+45℃

working system 

S2  20%(

Continuous operation shall not exceed 10min)

The above manual chain is the basic configuration form, the user can order from our company when you choose the manual chain form.

2. Main functions and features

Electric control box: the electric control box for open, close, stop three buttons for control;With infrared, airbag and other interfaces

Remote control (optional accessories) : rolling code remote control, no heavy code, with good security performance.

(3) emergency stop button: the control box is equipped with emergency stop button, in case of emergency can quickly cut off the control circuit power supply, protect the safety of the machine.

(4) automatic braking system: the motor is equipped with an automatic braking system, to achieve fast braking, accurate positioning.

Quick release handle: with a quick release handle, the door body can be quickly separated from the machine for easy installation and maintenance.

6 mechanical limit CAM: the use of double CAM limit, safe and reliable, and in the door in place can output passive signal, for special use.

The motor idling

Explanation: motor idling refers to the normal operation of the motor after pressing the door body to open or close the key, but the door body is not opened or closed under the motor drive.

Possible cause of failure

1) the rivet connecting the motor drive sleeve with the motor falls off;

2) the stub connecting the motor shaft and the door body falls off.

Solution: refix rivets or studs according to actual conditions.

There is no response after remote control sends instruction

Remote control to send instructions, motor no response, door body can not operate

Explanation: when pressing the up and down key of the remote control, the motor does not work as usual and cannot be opened or closed.

Possible cause of the failure.

Reasons and solutions

1) the remote control has no power supply: when pressing the button, observe whether the indicator of the remote control has any prompt. If not, it means that the battery of the remote control needs to be replaced;

2) the motor power is not connected, which can be used normally;

3) motor fault: under the condition that the remote control is confirmed to work normally, the button commands the rolling curtain to run, and the "tap" sound issued by the relay of the receiving box can be heard, indicating motor failure. You can contact the brand party to replace the motor according to the label of the old motor;

4) receiving box fault: under the condition that the remote control is confirmed to work normally, the button commands the shutter to run, and no sound from the receiving box relay is heard. It may be the fault of the receiving box, and only need to replace the receiving box.

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