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How to install high speed PVC roll up doors?

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How to install high speed PVC roll up doors?

High speed PVC roll up doors have the function of heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, odor prevention, lighting, etc. It is widely used in food, chemistry, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezing, logistics, storage and other places. High speed automatic opening and closing function can improve operating efficiency, save energy and provide a good operating environment.


In addition, the high speed PVC roll up doors curtain selected is high strength environmental protection polyester fiber wiki cloth, this kind of curtain cloth has a good self-cleaning, easy to maintenance, no-dust collection characteristics.


Because of these advantages, more and more people will choose to install high speed PVC roll up doors.


So when we get the high speed PVC roll up doors on site, how should we install it? The following is the installation steps.


We usually do a preliminary inspection before we start the installation.



• Check the dimensions of the construction opening, that should correspond to the measurements of the door supplied.

• Clear the doorway, to make sure no obstacle during installation.

• Make sure mounting surfaces are level and adjust them when necessary.

• Carefully unpack the door and check the various components as the Packing list:

-- Shaft with Cover Box

-- PVC Curtain with Shaft

-- Steel Side Guide

-- Motor

-- Cover Box for Motor

-- Control Box

-- Accessories Box

-- Extra Accessories



STEP 1 Pre-Assemble Shaft Box with Steel Side Guides

• Put the Shaft Box and 2 pcs Steel Side Guide on horizontal ground.

• Fix the side guides to Shaft Box with screw bolts.


STEP 2 Assembling the PVC door curtain

• Unpack the pre-assembled PVC curtain rolls, which is already rolled on TUBE SHAFT.

• Insert and Fix the tube shaft to the top shaft box.



• Fix the motor on the shaft, make sure the screws are well-tightened.

• Fix the motor on the shaft head (See Below the photo as instruction)

• Insert the Encoder on the shaft head; Fix encoder bracket with the Speed Reducer on motor;

Note: Fix the encoder on the shaft and fix the encoder bracket with the speed reducer on the gear motor.


STEP 4 Fit the whole door frame on ground to the correct opening site

• Use the crane/fork lift to lift the whole door frame

• Fix the whole door frame to the concrete site after measurement


STEP 5 Fixing the Cover box

• Cover Box including both the motor cover box and shaft cover box.


STEP 6 Fixing the bracket of Infrared Sensor

• Making sure the receiver and transmitter are on the same horizontal level


STEP 7 Fixing Safety Airbag Sensor and other extra options



• Do not operate the door under explosive areas and dangerous atmosphere.

• Stay clear from the door when it is moving.

•Do not operate the door with equipment, vehicle or people directly underneath the door.

•Disconnect power before performing any electrical or mechanical service, cleaning or other maintenance on the door.

•All electrical troubleshooting or service must be completed by a qualified electrician or service person and must meet all applicable local, international and other governing agency codes.

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