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What’s the difference between commercial and residential garage door?

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What’s the difference between commercial and residential garage door?

Residential sectional garage doors have to look good and perform well. Commercial  doors (which are often referred to as "Sectional Industrial Doors") on the other hand are designed to work more efficiently and not necessarily to appear as ascetically pleasing. Essentially, many commercial doors are built to the same specifications as residential garage doors, just to a larger size. While some homeowners assume that a commercial door is built to higher standards than a residential door, and request a commercial garage door be installed, the majority of the time, the residential door is just as well built and as strong as a commercial garage door.

 overhead garage door

Sectional Commercial Doors

The main difference between a residential garage door and a commercial garage door is the size. The standard Residential garage door is usually eight feet in height, however there are shorter and taller residential doors available. Commercial businesses typically need taller doors for unloading and loading supplies. If you are installing a detached garage with a tall opening, a commercial door may be something to consider, but first make sure that you actually need a commercial door as they are more costly.

While you can spruce up the look of commercial garage doors by adding aftermarket features like glass panels, you’re still going to be very limited in the choices that you are presented with.

Master Well Garage Door has this to say about commercial and residential garage doors:  “There are some options that are available for commercial garage doors that are not available for residential garage doors, often by federal law. An example of this is the commercial electric operator system”.

 sectional garage door

Residential Garage Doors

Beautiful, residential rectangle design garage doors would look out of place on most businesses.

Residential garage doors are available in a wide variety of materials including wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and composites. And Master Well Garage Door mainly supplies high quality 0.35mm-0.5mm galvanized steel material or 0.5mm aluminum alloy material. Sectional commercial doors are typically only made from galvanized steel or aluminum. Residential garage doors are designed to be opened a few times each day. The predicted lifespan of the garage door opener is partially based on this estimate of how often the door will be opened. These openers can wear out much more quickly if opened many times a day over a long period. Commercial garage doors, however, are intended to be opened and closed frequently. These doors may operate more quickly and efficiently. The average commercial door opener can withstand heavy usage for at least as long as a residential door opener can withstand daily usage.

Keep in mind that if you are looking to install a stronger garage door, there are many options available for residential garage doors. You can also add structural strength to a garage door by installing hurricane resistant panels and hardware.


All in all, a sectional commercial door is probably best left in a commercial setting. Commercial appearing garage doors as well as oversized garage doors can also be against homeowner’s association standards and regulations. Always check with Master Well Enterprise Limited to help you to find the best garage door for you and your home.

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